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Skittles Scattered Across Highway Were Destined For Cattle Feed: Mars Investigating

Mars Inc. has a number of very distinct businesses under its sizable umbrella, covering everything from its well-known candy brands to pet food to veterinary clinics. But that doesn’t explain why a load of Skittles spilled all over a Wisconsin highway were on their way to become cattle feed. [More]


Why Do Purple Skittles Taste Different Outside The U.S.?

The idea that purple Skittles could taste like anything other than grape is not one familiar to folks who are used chomping on the candies in the U.S. — what else could it possibly be, after all, with that color? But outside the U.S., the purple part of the rainbow tastes completely different. [More]

Student Stripped Of Title, Suspended Over Contraband Candy Purchase

Student Stripped Of Title, Suspended Over Contraband Candy Purchase

As some schools districts whore themselves out to corporate sponsors in a desperate attempt to raise funds (hey, we sympathize with them, but it’s still whoring), others are enforcing a zero-tolerance policy against unwelcome intrusions. In New Haven, Connecticut, the school district banned candy sales in 2003 “as part of a districtwide school wellness policy,” and when an 8th grade honors student was caught buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate two weeks ago, he was stripped of his title as class Vice President and suspended for a day.