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Students Outraged Over School’s Position That Skinny Jeans Distract From Education

Depending on which fashion magazine you subscribe to, skinny jeans are either on their way out or they are here to stay. That distinction could soon be a bit less ambiguous for students in one North Carolina school district currently debating a ban on the tight jeans. [More]

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Doctors Warn: Squatting In Skinny Jeans May Lead To Nerve Damage

If you’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that there was something not quite right about the trend of encasing your lower half in skintight denim, that feeling might be justified: Researchers say squatting while wearing skinny jeans can cause not only temporary discomfort, but nerve damage as well.


Skinny Jeans Pose Even More Health Risks

Skinny Jeans Pose Even More Health Risks

We’ve warned you before: wearing skinny jeans can lead to health problems, including the least fun tingling sensation in the thighs ever, and also can lead to exceedingly sassy customer service. Now, we have even more dire warnings about the super-tight pants: blood clots, bladder and yeast infections, and fertility and digestive problems.

Walmart: First Holiday Sales Slump in a Decade.

Walmart: First Holiday Sales Slump in a Decade.

Walmart is announcing its first November sales slump in a decade, “In a season of what has been pretty healthy numbers from retailers, Wal-Mart has been lackluster, to say the least,” said Adrianne Shapira, an analyst at Goldman Sachs. “Houston, there is a problem.”