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Mall Giant Sues Starbucks To Stop Planned Shutdown Of All Teavana Stores

Starbucks recently announced it would shut down all 379 locations of its boutique Teavana tea shops. Tea drinkers weren’t the only ones annoyed by the news. A huge shopping mall landlord whose properties currently house 1-in-5 Teavana stores is suing mad, taking Starbucks to court to halt the shutdown. [More]


Here’s Why Mall Owners Stepped In To Save Aeropostale

The winners of the bankruptcy auction for teen clothing retailer Aeropostale weren’t a competing clothing chain or another retailer hoping to get into the teen clothing biz: it was a joint venture by mall landlords, who apparently didn’t want to face another hole in their shopping centers left by a bankrupt retailer. [More]


Bankruptcy Judge Approves Sale Of Aeropostale That Could Keep 229 Stores Open

It looks like the bid Aeropostale received at the end of August that could end up saving at least 229 stores and 7,000 or so jobs is one step closer to the real thing for the struggling teen retailer, after a bankruptcy judge gave the offer his approval. [More]


Aeropostale Receives A Bid That Would Keep At Least 229 Stores Open

Aeropostale, a teen-focused clothing retailer, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, and since then its continuing existence has been in question. Its business assets are up for auction this week, and the retailer reports that a bid has come in that would keep the doors open and the jeans flowing onto store shelves. [More]

Pro-Holiday Activists Protest At Mall That Will Open On Thanksgiving Day

Pro-Holiday Activists Protest At Mall That Will Open On Thanksgiving Day

There’s less than two weeks left until Thanksgiving Day, and consumers are beginning to learn which retailers will be open on the holiday so they can either plan their shopping trips or get very, very upset. Some people in Michigan have taken the “get upset” option, holding a protest outside of a mall that is scheduled to open at 6 P.M. [More]

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Hundreds Of Simon Malls Will Open On Thanksgiving Day, Stay Open 26+ Hours Straight

Simon Property Group might not be a household name, but you’ve probably visited one of their establishments before: they’re the whole or partial owner of hundreds of malls. That’s 242 million square feet of retail space and thousands of stores in almost every state, Canada, and Asia. Most of them are opening up during dinnertime or the early evening on Thanksgiving Day. [More]

Mall King And "Porky's" Producer Mel Simon Dead At 82

Mall King And "Porky's" Producer Mel Simon Dead At 82

Melvin Simon, founder of mega-mall operator Simon Property Group, died today at 82. While Simon is best known for running the largest mall operator in the U.S., with hundreds of properties nationwide, he made other — far more significant — contributions to America’s cultural landscape. And, no, we’re not talking about the Indiana Pacers, which he also owned. Simon was also a movie producer, and helped reinvent the teen sex comedy with “Porky’s,” the 1982 classic that introduced the world to the unique talents of Kim Cattrall and educated millions of young men about what not to do in the shower. We’ll remember you for that, Mel — not for flooding the nation with Hot Topics, Piercing Pagodas and A&Fs.