Movers Charge $450 To Transfer Stuff To Van, Drive A Few Hundred Feet

When you hire movers, you sort of assume that you’re hiring them to handle the logistics of moving, since that’s their job. For example, if their truck won’t fit in an apartment complex, it’s their job to know that. That’s probably one woman thought when she moved from Michigan to California, and was charged $450 for a second van that National Van Lines needed to drive her stuff from a public street into her apartment complex. [More]

Marriott Ruined My Wedding Night!

Marriott Ruined My Wedding Night!

“I got married over Labor Day weekend in North Chicago, Illinois. We did a lot of advance legwork to set up a hotel for our guests that was close to the venue and convenient. Our wedding venue recommended the Marriott Courtyard in Waukegan/Gurnee. It was more expensive then the other hotels in the area and a bit further away, but they offered something irresistible– a free shuttle to and from the wedding venue for all of our guests staying there. Since we had been contemplating hiring vans to shuttle our guests around so no one would drive drunk, this was a no-brainer. Plus, the Marriott has a good brand name and we felt confident things would go smoothly.