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Matthew Hunt

Former RadioShack’s Lawyers And Lenders Agree To Keep Talking About Settling

Since the beginning of RadioShack’s bankruptcy proceedings back in February, the lower-ranking or “junior” lenders in the company’s debt pile have claimed that the entire proceedings were full of shenanigans. As the proceedings wind down and lenders and lawyers sort out the final disposition of everything, everyone at least agrees on one thing: the bankruptcy will not convert from a Chapter 11 to a Chapter 7 to save money on lawyers. [More]

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RadioShack Creditors Question Bankruptcy Timing

Experts and ordinary shoppers alike have been predicting the demise of RadioShack for some time now. The only question was when it would happen. A rescue financing package kept the company going for a while longer, but the company’s creditors allege that there was a very important reason for that: to line the pockets of lenders and distressed debt traders. [More]

RadioShack Closing Up To 1,100 Stores Across The Country

RadioShack Closing Up To 1,100 Stores Across The Country

UPDATE: RadioShack tells Consumerist there’s no list for now — but stay tuned: “We are not releasing a store closing list at this time. However, RadioShack will maintain market coverage as part of this plan, with more than 4,000 U.S. stores in the RadioShack footprint. We will have information to share in the future.” [More]