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HP Pushed Firmware That Makes Printers Reject Third-Party Ink Cartridges

Consumers like to think that we can use the items we’ve legally purchased however we see fit. If we want to cover our new backpack with rhinestones or use third-party ink cartridges in the printer that we bought, who is the manufacturer to stop us? Yet while backpacks might stay Bedazzled, you can’t always use whatever ink you want in your printer. [More]


Hawaii Health Officials Order Several Sushi Joints Closed Amid Hepatitis A Outbreak

When you think of Hawaii, seafood may come to mind, considering the state is surrounded by water. But hungry folks looking for sushi have a few less options right now, after the state’s department of health ordered several restaurants closed amid an ongoing Hepatitis A outbreak. [More]


Coach Will Close 250 Of Its North American Department Store Locations

Much like its fellow luxury retail brands, Coach has been trying to turn around its struggling business in recent years. Today, the company said its efforts have actually paid off, and that sales are picking up. But despite that, Coach says it’s time to cut loose about 25% of its department store locations in North America, so it can continue to climb its way back up the retail ladder. [More]

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Here’s The List Of Aeropostale Stores That Are Closing

Whether it was market conditions or the behavior of their lenders that drove Aeropostale into bankruptcy, the teen-oriented clothing retailer has difficult decisions to make about which stores to keep and which to close. They’ve already decided on a preliminary closing list. [More]

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Sweet’N Low Closing Down Production At Brooklyn Factory After Nearly 60 Years

If you dumped a packet of Sweet’N Low in your coffee this morning, it’s likely that the pink packet was filled with sweetener made in Brooklyn and packed there, too. But it’s the end of an era for Cumberland Packing Corp., which announced that it’ll be shutting down manufacturing and packing work at its New York home of almost 60 years.


An Al Jazeera TV crew being tear-gassed by authorities in Ferguson (via BoingBoing)

The Police Can’t Order You To Stop Filming Them In Public, Or Force You To Delete Pics From Phone

A good deal of the footage coming out Ferguson, Missouri, this week has been provided by non-journalists, using their phones to record and photograph events. At the same time, reports claim that police are attempting to block both ordinary citizens and journalists from documenting the situation. What these officers either don’t know or aren’t saying is that you have the legal right to photograph the police, even when they tell you not to. [More]


One Woman’s Quest To Celebrate Nutella Earns Her A Decidedly Untasty Cease-And-Desist Letter

Oh, Nutella — that hazelnut chocolate spread beloved by so many as a spreadable form of candy. Maybe you love Nutella so much you were planning on celebrating with World Nutella Day. Too bad, as the company apparently isn’t a fan of its fans, and apparently issued a cease-and-desist letter to the woman who founded the celebration seven years ago.


Dish Network Closing More Blockbuster Locations Than Originally Announced

Dish Network Closing More Blockbuster Locations Than Originally Announced

For all those of you still loyal to Blockbuster brick-and-mortar stores, we’ve got some bad news. Dish Network has announced they’ll be shuttering more U.S. stores than they’d planned, and the rest of them will be turned partly into Dish customer-service points.