Jason Cook

Chance Of Cardiac Event Jumps By 23% Two Days After Major Snowstorm

Whether it’s overexertion from shoveling snow, the stress of being stuck inside, or any number of other possible causes, a new study shows that the chance of a cardiovascular-related hospital admission significantly increases two days after a major snowstorm. [More]

(Scott Lynch)

Choose The Right Shovel Before The Snow Actually Falls

Remember, the best time to shop for a snow shovel is before you actually need a shovel. Just grabbing the cheapest one at the closest store can create a lot of extra work for yourself in the long run if it isn’t the right shovel for you, your abilities, and the type of snow that you typically get. Know your abilities and know your shovel types. Maybe even buy more than one for different surfaces. [Consumer Reports] [More]

How To De-Ice Your Driveway

How To De-Ice Your Driveway

It’s a lot easier to prevent ice from freezing on your driveway than it is to chip it off, so the first thing you want to do is get the precipitate off before it has a chance to harden. Once the rain/sleet/wintry mix stops, bust out the shovel and start getting as much slush off as possible. [More]

How To F@#$ing Shovel Snow

How To F@#$ing Shovel Snow

There’s a lot of snow in parts of the country that don’t seem to get snow that often. Thankfully, The Awl has some f*cking instructions about how to f*cking shovel the snow. [More]