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Man With Semiautomatic Rifle Kills 2 And Injures 6 At Mall, Then Kills Himself

On Tuesday afternoon around 3:30 PM, a man opened fire with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle at the Clackamas Town Center mall in Portland, Oregon. According to police, wo people were killed and as many as six injured, at least one of whom is hospitalized and in serious condition. Early reports indicated that the gunman may have been wearing body armor and/or camouflage, and was wearing the hockey mask associated with Jason in the Friday the 13th films. After firing up to 60 rounds, he killed himself. No law enforcement officers fired any shots inside the mall. [More]

Man Orders McMuffin, Shoots Self, Doesn't Realize It

Man Orders McMuffin, Shoots Self, Doesn't Realize It

Here’s what you might call an unlikely sequence of events. A man enters a McDonald’s in the Florida Keys. The man orders breakfast. The man shoots himself in the leg. The manager asks the man to leave the restaurant, then calls police. Police pull the man over and only then does he realize he shot himself. [More]