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Sharp Will Stop Selling TVs In The Americas, Licenses Name To Hisense

Sharp was an early player in the flat panel screen market, but the Japanese company has decided to leave behind their TV business in the Americas, agreeing to license their name to a Chinese company, Hisense. Sharp sold its factory in Mexico to Hisense, which will presumably supply TVs to customers in North and South America alike. [More]

3D TV Is Dead. Will Glasses-Free 3D Resurrect It?

3D TV Is Dead. Will Glasses-Free 3D Resurrect It?

Three years ago at CES 2011, glasses-free 3D prototypes were everywhere (though they were incredibly underwheliming). It was supposed to be the holy grail that would finally make it worthwhile to have a 3D TV at home. Since then, others have declared that 3D TV is dead. Some manufacturers blame the glasses for 3D’s demise and are still hoping that glasses-free can breathe new life into the format. [More]


Sharp Turns To Growing Strawberries For Cash Because It’s Not Making Much Off Electronics

What’s a struggling electronics giant to do when it can’t pull in enough cash from peddling said electronics? Head to pasture. Or to the strawberry fields, in the case of Sharp. It’s got a crazy (like a fox?) idea to cash in on the demand for Japanese strawberries in the Middle East by setting up a remote berry operation in Dubai. [More]

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China Smacks Samsung & LG With $35 Million Fine For Fixing Prices Of LCD Panels

Price-fixin — it isn’t just for book publishers anymore (not that it ever really was unique to that industry, but you get the point): China fined Samsung and LG Displays a total of $35 million charging that the companies fixed the prices of LCD panels that were then sold to TV manufacturers. And if the TV makers are shelling out more for parts, guess who that raised price gets passed on to? Yup, all of us. [More]

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You Only Have Until Dec. 6 To Claim Portion Of $1.1 Billion LCD Price-Fixing Settlement

In the late ’90s, when most of us had TVs that weighed more than a teenager and could only dream of having a thin, widescreen TV, several manufacturers were fixing prices on the LCD screens that were about to revolutionize the industry. More than a decade later, consumers have a chance to get money back from this international criminal conspiracy. [More]

Apple Is Having Trouble Getting Enough Screens For The iPhone 5

Apple Is Having Trouble Getting Enough Screens For The iPhone 5

If you’re planning on getting and iPhone 5 when it launches in a few weeks, you might want to be proactive about pre-ordering, because Apple is allegedly having trouble getting enough screens.


Save Money On Band Aids And ER Visits By Sharpening Your Knives Regular sharpening also prolongs your knives’ usefulness, saving you money on replacements. [Consumer Reports Online]

Kraft Salad Dressing Comes With Built In Mini-Shiv

Kraft Salad Dressing Comes With Built In Mini-Shiv

Every time Kevin unscrews a new bottle of Kraft salad dressing, the sharp plastic hinge cuts him. This is good to know if you’re in a supermarket and need to show another shopper that you’re not to be messed with. It’s also good to know if you’re trying to unscrew a Kraft dressing bottle, we guess.

KitchenAid Knives Are No Match For Lemon Grass

KitchenAid Knives Are No Match For Lemon Grass

Max writes in: “While cutting lemon grass – yes, lemon grass, the blade of my knife snapped off in a clean shear from the handle. Keep in mind there is no bone in lemon grass.”

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  • Commerce Bank: Kids can earn $10 by reading ten books

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  • Seagate 500GB USB 2.0 Drive $89 Shipped
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Highlights From Bargainist

Reader Wins Epic Quest For Black Friday TV Deal From Circuit City

Reader Wins Epic Quest For Black Friday TV Deal From Circuit City

Mitch writes:

There are several types of people out there, but I’m the kind of person who believes people should stick with what they say. Circuit City offered a Sharp 46″ Aquos on Black Friday this year, but they weren’t about to let me have it easily. Now, having done Black Friday in the past I knew I would be in for a fight to get my TV, but what I had to go through was just ridiculous.

Reader Gets SHARP To Take Back His Defective TV 1 Month Out Of Warranty

Reader Gets SHARP To Take Back His Defective TV 1 Month Out Of Warranty

Dan bought an Aquos LC-32D40U 32″ LCD TV’ and one month out of warranty it developed a thin black line on the right side of the screen. Sharp didn’t want to talk to him. Best Buy wanted to charge him $100 just to come out and look at it. Something had to be done. Dan writes:

Aquos LC-32D40U Develops Defect 1 Month Out Of Warranty

A friend of ours bought a Sharp Aquos LC-32D40U last year. Its warranty expired in August. Naturally, this month, it developed a strange liberation. There’s a thin black line on the right side of the screen. It sorta looks like it’s not completely hiding the letter boxes when you go to full screen format. When he called Sharp, they didn’t want to help him because his warranty was over. Best Buy, where he bought it, will charge $100 to come out and look and it.