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Chocolate Shamrock Shake Makes Leap From McDonald’s Secret Menu To Real Menu

For a while now, some folks familiar with “secret menu” items at McDonald’s looked forward to Shamrock Shake season because it meant they could talk McD’s staffers into making a combo mint/chocolate version of the frozen treat. Now the fast food chain is putting this DIY option on the actual menu, at least for the next few weeks. [More]

McDonald's Shamrock Shake To Spread Minty Green Rapture Nationwide For The First Time

This is exactly why St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland and spread Catholicism across its verdant hills and magical, leprechaun-filled valleys — so that McDonald’s could one day offer its syrupy green mint concoction known as the Shamrock Shake to its customers throughout the United States. [More]

When Wikipedia Breaks Down: McDonald’s Menu Items Descriptions

When Wikipedia Breaks Down: McDonald’s Menu Items Descriptions

Happy Shamrock Shake Day!

To get you in the mood for the emerald-green, snake-thwacking debauchery of this Guinness-drenched day, a brief endorsement from our sponsor, McDonald’s.