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Senate Unanimously Passes Bill To End Air Traffic Controller Furloughs Causing Flight Delays

UPDATE: And there we go, folks — as expected, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed the furlough fix bill as well in a vote of 361 to 41. Next up, the bill will head to President Obama’s desk for a signature. [More]


Airlines Suing FAA In Attempt To Prevent Delays Caused By Air-Traffic Control Furloughs

Know who hates flight delays possibly more than frustrated travelers? The airlines, because all those disgruntled fliers will take out their travel woes on the carriers. That’s a group representing U.S. airlines as well as pilot unions are suing the Federal Aviation Administration in an attempt to stop furloughs of air-traffic controllers. The FAA warned fliers that fewer staff on duty means major flight delays could start next week. [More]


FAA Warns That Upcoming Furloughs Could Affect Thousands Of Flights Per Day

With a slew of air-traffic controller furloughs set to kick in on Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administration has given the airline industry the heads-up that these staffing shortages could affect upwards of 7,000 flights every day at the nation’s busiest airports. [More]


I Am Sequestration, Here Me Roar: FAA Closing 173 Air Traffic Control Towers

While the government warned of annoying long lines at airports across the country as a result of the budget cuts imposed by the March 1 sequestration, things haven’t seemed too bad yet (except for the usual weather woes). But it sounds like air travel is on the way to  getting more annoying, as the Federal Aviation Administration says it’s going to shut down 173 air traffic control towers at smaller airports around the country on April 7. [More]


White House Cancels Public Tours As Of March 8, Citing Effects Of Sequestration Budget Cuts

Sure, the White House is home to President Barack Obama. But it’s also kind of viewed as America’s house, leading tourists from around the country — as well as the world — to sign up for free tours to view the premises. You never know when you could catch a glimpse of the First Family, or heck, maybe even their dog, Bo. But after March 8, the administration says those tours are going bye-bye as a result of budget cuts. [More]


Standing In A Long Line At The Airport Right Now? You Can Maybe Blame Sequestration

The Department of Transportation issued a foreboding warning about the effects of across-the-board government spending cuts if sequestration went into effect on March 1, which it did. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano is already warning travelers of delays, but if you’re currently standing in a long line at airport security, this isn’t news to you. [More]


DOT Head Ray LaHood Paints Nightmarish Travel Picture If Sequestration Hits March 1

Maybe you haven’t been paying much attention to all the hullabaloo surrounding automatic government spending cuts that could go into effect next week, known as sequestration. It’s a lot to take in, as those cuts will be across-the-board and could be a problem for a wide variety of government agencies, including the Federal Aviation Administration. As such, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is painting a potentially annoying picture for air travel in the future. [More]