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Twitter Removes Its Ads With Autoplay Videos After Epilepsy Group Calls The Promos “Irresponsible”

Twitter has pulled two ads promoting its new music service after an epilepsy organization complained that the auto-playing videos with brightly flashing colors could trigger seizures. [More]

Seizure Prompts Wonderful Service From United

Seizure Prompts Wonderful Service From United

United couldn’t have been more understanding and helpful after reader Chris’ wife had a seizure as they flew from Sullivan’s Island, SC to Winnipeg. The flight attendants onboard offered to divert the flight to Chicago, but the couple decided instead to power through. United’s staff met them at the gate along with paramedics, and offered to rebook them on the flight of their choice. If they wanted to stay the night, United said they’d be happy to pay for a hotel room. Chris’ takeaway perfectly captures the spirit behind our Above and Beyond posts: “Even if United is a horrible company,” he writes, “there are still nice people there, and sometimes even big companies surprise you.” Chris writes:

U.S. Marshals Raid Rat-Infested PETCO Distribution Center

U.S. Marshals Raid Rat-Infested PETCO Distribution Center

The FDA sent U.S. Marshals to seize “various animal food products” stored at a PETCO distribution center in Joliet, Illinois yesterday, because the storage conditions had been deemed unsanitary twice in a row: