Amazon Quietly Launches Same-Day Beer, Wine Delivery In Seattle

Amazon Quietly Launches Same-Day Beer, Wine Delivery In Seattle

When you’re hosting a party and notice that the alcoholic beverages are running a little low, you might momentarily panic: who in their right mind wants to leave such a great shindig to go on a beer run? No one, that’s who. And now, with the long-awaited addition of alcohol delivery to Amazon’s one- or two-hour Prime Now service, no one has to… unless you live outside of Seattle, in which case you still have to go to the store. [More]

Amazon’s New Seattle Facility Reportedly Set To Test “Amazon Flex” Package Pickup Service

Amazon’s New Seattle Facility Reportedly Set To Test “Amazon Flex” Package Pickup Service

When making a purchase through Amazon there are several options for delivery, depending on where you live: free-two day shipping with a Prime membership, Sunday delivery via USPS, Prime Now one-hour delivery, drop-offs at an Amazon Locker, and, of course, traditional several-day delivery. Now, it appears the e-commerce giant is working on another, secret, service at a soon-to-open facility near Seattle.  [More]


UPDATE: A Happy Ending For Man Who Almost Had To Sell His House Due To Comcast’s Incompetence

Remember Seth, the Washington state homeowner who was putting his recently purchased house up for sale because no one — not Comcast, not CenturyLink, not his county — was willing or able to provide the broadband connection he needed for his home office? We’re happy to tell you that Seth is still in the house and he can now go online. [More]

Nordstrom Remodels Flagship Stores, Won’t Make You Go Inside

Nordstrom Remodels Flagship Stores, Won’t Make You Go Inside

There are two interesting developments that Nordstrom is trying right now: first, they’re remodeling and fancying up their stores in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, seeking to draw international tourists with world-class retail experiences. They’re also experimenting with curbside order pickup, so local shoppers can pick up their online order of bras without getting out of their cars. [More]


New Homeowner Has To Sell House Because Of Comcast’s Incompetence, Lack Of Competition

Only months after moving into his new home in Washington state, Consumerist reader Seth is already looking to sell his house. He didn’t lose his job or discover that the property is haunted. No, Seth can’t stay much longer because no one can provide broadband service to his address; even though Comcast and CenturyLink both misled him into thinking he’d be connected to their networks and in spite of the fact that his county runs a high-speed fiberoptic network that goes very near to his property. [More]


Seattle & The Empire State Building To Serve As Testing Grounds For Starbucks’ New Delivery Service

When creating a plan to test its long-awaited delivery service, it comes as no surprise that Starbucks would choose its own turf in Seattle. But in a bit of an unusual choice the company also chose a second location: The Empire State Building. [More]

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Deputy Fired For Threatening To Arrest Photographer Who Took Pictures Of Police In Public

As we’ve covered before, courts have ruled time and again that police can’t force citizens to stop taking photographs of them in public so long as you don’t interfere with their work. That doesn’t stop cops from ordering people to put their cameras away, and didn’t prevent on sheriff’s deputy in Washington state from making multiple empty threats of arrest against a Seattle news photographer who took pics of a police action in public. But after an investigation by the sheriff’s office, that deputy has been dismissed for abusing his authority. [More]

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Washington State Issues Emergency Shellfish Recall After Illness Reported

Consuming raw seafood is always a gamble, and for a dozen people it turned out to be an unsuccessful wager. And so, Washington state health officials are ordering an emergency harvest closure and recall of shellfish shipped throughout the country. [More]

McDonald’s Customer & His Cat Pepper-Sprayed By Other Customer

McDonald’s Customer & His Cat Pepper-Sprayed By Other Customer

Anyone who has worked in retail — especially foodservice — is familiar with pesky customers who have to repeatedly be told to leave the store. But one such standoff in Seattle apparently escalated quickly to the point where at least two adults and a cat were all doused in pepper spray. [More]

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Is Seattle Seahawks Stadium Watering Down Fans’ Beer?

Even though a lot of overpriced beer that football fans buy ends up on the stadium floor (or on other fans), you should get what you pay for, right? One news report out of Seattle claims that the beer at CenturyLink Field — home to the Seahawks — is serving beer that doesn’t live up to the advertised alcohol content. However, the beer makers deny they are watering down their product, and there are several unanswered questions about the accuracy of this study. [More]


Group Representing U.S. Airlines Sues To Block Planned Seattle Airport Workers’ Wage Increases

An airline group, representing six major airlines and parcel services, filed a lawsuit aiming to block the Port of Seattle from implementing a pay increase that would make Seattle-Tacoma airport workers some of the highest paid in the country. [More]

One of the suspects caught on camera allegedly stealing a bag from the Sea-Tac baggage claim.

Couple Accused Of Stealing $45K Worth Of Luggage From Airport

Did you have a bag go missing at the airport last spring? If the airport was Sea-Tac International in Washington, we have a pretty good idea what might have happened to it. [More]

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Comcast Throws Pizza Parties To Woo Seattle Residents; Still Sucks At Its Job

You know how the jerk in your office will occasionally do something nice, like buy everyone a round of drinks after work or bring in cupcakes, just to prove he isn’t always horrible? You probably accept the free stuff while knowing that it ultimately doesn’t change the fact that he’s still an awful person to work with. That’s what appears to be going with Comcast in Seattle. [More]

It’s Rock Star Vs. Restaurant In War Of Words Over Rude Service

It’s Rock Star Vs. Restaurant In War Of Words Over Rude Service

Was it a case of an entitled rock star who couldn’t handle hearing the word “no,” or was it all about a restaurant doorman who was incredibly rude and may have something against people from the ’90s? Depends on which side you take in the war of words between Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and a Seattle cafe that stopped him and his party at the door. [More]


Seattle Prosecutor Dropping Seven Months Worth Of Tickets For Using Marijuana In Public

Remember that cop in Seattle accused of going rogue in light of Washington’s legalization of recreational marijuana? Officials in that city say he issued about 80% of all the tickets for using pot in public, and had urged ticketed residents to contest any and all marijuana tickets as a result. Now Seattle’s prosecutor is just wiping seven months of marijuana tickets from the board entirely. [More]

Power Company Screw-Up Results In $2,113 Electric Bill For Customer

Power Company Screw-Up Results In $2,113 Electric Bill For Customer

After years of paying only around $20/month for her electricity, a woman in Seattle was recently hit with an electric bill worth 100 times that amount because the city’s power utility didn’t realize it had screwed up her meter four years earlier. [More]

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KFC Workers Attacked By Cake-Wielding Maniac

Angry fast food customers are choosing to go after employees at Yum! Brands restaurant chains with some bizarre weapons. First there was the Taco Bell worker who took a hot sauce-laced soda to the face and now comes a report of a KFC that had to call the police on a cake-thrower. [More]

A handful of companies, including the Weed Bus Club, have popped up in Washington to provide visitors with a place to smoke while touring Seattle.

Washington State Just Says No To Mobile Weed-Smoking Wagons

In the wake of Washington state’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana, some businesses have popped up to cater to weed tourists who want to see the sites while also enjoying the cannabis they have purchased. But state regulators have now made it clear that smoking pot on buses — even chartered ones — is a no-no. [More]