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Sears Opening Smaller-Format Appliance Stores

Even though Sears is constantly adding underperforming stores to its list of closing locations, the once-great retailer isn’t ready for burial just yet. In an effort to focus on one of its core businesses, Sears is thinking small.


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Sears Will Close Its Oldest Operating Store, Which Opened In Chicago In 1925

Corporate cutbacks mean losing company history, and the next store on Sears Holdings’ closing list is historic: having opened in 1925, it’s the oldest still-operating store in the chain. The store, which is in Chicago’s Ravenswood neighborhood, will begin its liquidation sale in two weeks, on May 19, and will ultimately close in August. [More]

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Report: Sears Would Need To Close Nearly Half Its Stores To Succeed

While last week’s announced closings of 78 Sears Holdings stores made headlines, the company has been quietly culling retail locations for years. But a new analysis of the department store sector concludes that Sears and other mall mainstays are far from finished with eliminating stores. [More]

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Sears Holdings Will Close Additional 68 Kmart Stores, 10 Sears Stores

In their recent rounds of store closings, Sears Holdings tried something new: they announced them to the stores’ local news outlets, but didn’t release a nationwide list of stores slated to close. We started compiling our own list based on local news stories and reader tips at the beginning of this year. Late Thursday, Sears Holdings announced an additional 78 store closings, and saved us some work by putting out a national list. Scheduled to close in this round are 65 Kmarts, 3 Super K stores, and ten Sears stores. [More]

Sears Delivers Filthy Oven, Has No Idea Why

Sears Delivers Filthy Oven, Has No Idea Why

A woman who loves to bake for her family saved for two years to buy a new built-in convection oven. Sears delivered it, and then she had to wait a few weeks to have it installed. That’s when she discovered a problem: what was supposed to be a new oven was full of baked-on filth and even grime on the glass. Sears says that this shouldn’t be possible, yet somehow it happened. [More]

Sears Loses $580 Million In Last Quarter Of 2015, Still Working On That ‘Transformation’ Thing

Sears Loses $580 Million In Last Quarter Of 2015, Still Working On That ‘Transformation’ Thing

Earlier this week, we received an email from a reader with a tip for our Sears and Kmart store closings list. We checked it out and learned that her local Sears store was actually staying open, which took her by surprise. “It sure looked like that part of the mall was being taken down,” she wrote, relieved, mirroring many shoppers’ reactions to the continued existence of Sears and Kmart as a company. [More]


Stock Analyst: Sears Is No Longer ‘Viable As A Retailer’

You might not realize it when looking at our coverage, but we aren’t cheering for Kmart and Sears, the stores of Sears Holdings, to go out of business. The company’s continued survival is impressive, and sort of a surprise, but one stock analyst thinks that the company won’t survive without doing something drastic. [More]


Sears Holdings To Accelerate, Expand Planned Store Closings

The only bit of good news in the most recent financial report from Sears Holdings, parent company of Sears and Kmart, is that the sibling stores had better sales during the holiday season than last year, and not just because they kicked off Christmas in mid-September. Unfortunately, the news isn’t very good other than that: the company is still losing money in its retail business, and plans to speed up its planned store closings. [More]

Why Are So Many People Reporting Kenmore Oven Door Explosions?

Why Are So Many People Reporting Kenmore Oven Door Explosions?

Let’s start by pointing out the obvious: oven doors are not supposed to explode. They’re supposed to keep hot air in while letting us view the food cooking inside. Yet hundreds of customers with Kenmore ovens have reported shattered doors to retailer Sears, and Sears and the Consumer Products Safety Commission have reacted with a collective shrug. Past one year, issues like this are officially the customer’s problem. [More]

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If Kmart And Sears Stores Close Without A National Press Release, Does Anyone Notice?

Last week, department store chain Macy’s announced its holiday season results and its plans to close 40 stores in the coming months. Shoe retailer Finish Line announced plans to close 150 stores by the year 2020. Yet what you never hear about in the national news anymore is how many stores Sears Holdings, corporate parent of Sears and Kmart, is planning to close, even as they continue to shut down underperforming stores. [More]

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Fewer Middle-Class Consumers Means Fewer Midrange Mall Anchors

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, there was a deeply symbolic changeover at the King of Prussia mall in the suburbs of Philadelphia. What used to be a large Sears department store has assumed its final form: it’s part Dick’s Sporting Goods store and part Primark, a fast fashion retailer out of Ireland. That’s just one mall that demonstrates a trend: the institution of the anchor store is dying out in malls. [More]

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24 Stories We Covered In 2015 That We Never Saw Coming

The following is a true story: One day, two Consumerist staffers were chatting about the work day. One said, “I can’t believe I’m writing about the legal ramifications of butt-dialing.” The other replied, “We should probably remember this conversation for a year-end story about things we didn’t expect to ever write in 2015.” A calendar alert was made, and our future selves were duly reminded. [More]

Sears Holds Members-Only Holiday Season Sale, Welcomes Anyone

Sears Holds Members-Only Holiday Season Sale, Welcomes Anyone

For a while now, we’ve found something kind of confusing about communications that come from the parent company of Sears and Kmart, Sears Holdings. They refer to their customers as “members,” even though they are not a warehouse club and anyone can shop there. This holiday season, though, they’ve arranged a special members-only event: an exclusive sale the Sunday before Thanksgiving. [More]

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Produces A Fake Commercial For Sears That Could Work

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Produces A Fake Commercial For Sears That Could Work

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Sears still exists. For a while, we wondered whether it was an advanced anti-capitalist prank that only pretends to sell goods in exchange for money, and that may still be the case for corporate sibling Kmart. The writers of Jimmy Kimmel Live noticed this, and decided to help Sears out by making them a commercial. [More]

No, Sears Does Not Owe You A $700 Play House For $12

No, Sears Does Not Owe You A $700 Play House For $12

Shoppers noticed something amazing on yesterday: kids’ accessories, toys, and play sets that cost hundreds of dollars were available for only $11.95 for no obvious reason. Parents, deal-hunters, and people who are both flocked to the website to fill up their carts with deeply discounted goodies. What happened next should be familiar to Consumerist readers: the amazing deal was a website glitch, and the orders were canceled. [More]

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Man Takes $900 Worth Of Drills From Sears, Leaves Making Chicken Noises

One way to commit a crime is to create a distraction, and maybe that’s what a man at a Sears store in New Hampshire was trying to do when he allegedly filled a cart with power drills and made chicken noises when employees tried to stop him. He left the cart full of tools behind, but police would like to know his whereabouts. [More]


Sears Hires Experienced Consumer Appliance Executive To Run Hardlines, Maybe Sell Stuff

In a department or discount store, “hardlines” refers to tools, appliances, and furniture: the items that your parents still shop at Sears for, but that you don’t. Sears has hired a new executive in charge of their hardlines departments, which include the company’s three most important house brands: Kenmore appliances, Diehard automobile batteries, and Craftsman tools. [More]

Sears Holdings Reports First Profit Since 2012, Not From Actual Retailing

Sears Holdings Reports First Profit Since 2012, Not From Actual Retailing

We’ve had a longtime joke here at Consumerist that Sears Holdings isn’t actually a retail company, but an advanced anti-capitalist prank pretending to run a retail company. We expected the company to either turn things around or go out of business. What’s happening instead is something that some retail observers had predicted: the company is profitable for the first time in years, but only because it sold a few hundred million dollars’ worth of stores. [More]