Book Subscription Service Pulling Some Romance Titles Because People Read Too Many Of Them

Although it feels like every subscription service wants to be like Netflix, that business model is proving tough to repeat for some. That includes the book subscription program offered by Scribd, which is reportedly pulling thousands of romance titles from its platform because people are reading too many titles, too fast. [More]

8,000 Comcast Passwords Exposed, Phishing Scam Suspected

8,000 Comcast Passwords Exposed, Phishing Scam Suspected

The New York Times has reported that a list of over 8,000 Comcast user name and passwords were available to the public via Scribd for two months, before a Wilkes University professor discovered it over the weekend after doing a search for his identity online. Comcast is saying it looks like the result of a phishing scam and isn’t an inside job, and that there are so many duplicate entries on the list that it’s closer to 4,000 customers.