Scottrade Data Breach Leaks Contact Info For 4.6 Million Customers

If you’re a T-Mobile customer who donated money through Patreon, you’re already having a bad enough day due to massive breaches of user data. Here’s hoping you’re not also one of the 4.6 million Scottrade customers whose contact info was compromised. [More]

(Corey Templeton)

ScotTrade Wants Us To Spend More Than $5 To Close Account That’s Negative 89 Cents

While we do business with them here on Earth, some companies exist in a strange and wondrous land. A land where there is no death. It would be really nice to live there, but it’s incredibly frustrating to do business with companies that don’t understand that everyone here on our plane of existence dies. Everyone. ScotTrade doesn’t understand that, which is why reader Ryan tells us that they’re demanding a pile of paperwork in order to stop sending one of their late customers mail. [More]

Scottrade Won't Accept My Weird Foreign Marriage Certificate

Scottrade Won't Accept My Weird Foreign Marriage Certificate

Kim tells Consumerist that while she lives in the United States, she got married in the Cayman Islands. That sounds very beautiful and romantic and all, but she wondered: would she have problems with the handwritten marriage certificate when she returned home and needed to change her last name? Nope. No private or government institutions had any trouble with the handwritten certificate…except Scottrade. Apparently, online brokerages are stricter about name changes than the U.S. State Department. Who knew? [More]