AT&T Mobility's CEO Stan Sigman Retires After 42 Years

AT&T Mobility's CEO Stan Sigman Retires After 42 Years

AT&T Mobility’s CEO Stan Sigman has announced his retirement after 42 years with the company. The AP says:

Sigman began his career with Southwestern Bell Telephone as a stockman in 1965. He stayed with the company as it grew from the smallest Baby Bell to the nation’s largest telecommunications company through a series of aggressive acquisitions.

How nice.

Round 6: AT&T/Cingluar/SBC vs Clear Channel

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Stephen Colbert Explains the Cingular/AT&T/BellSouth Merger

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Telecom Merger-O-Rama: AT&T Concedes

Final approval requires a vote, which can happen at any time via computer. This would be the largest telecom merger in U.S. history. —MEGHANN MARCO

SBC/AT&T DSL: Is A Bad Connection Breach Of Contract?

SBC/AT&T DSL: Is A Bad Connection Breach Of Contract?

Does lowering a connection beyond their ability to charge for it constitute breach of contract? Jim isn’t getting what he’s paying for. What should he do? He might try bargaining with AT&T. If he really can’t get a reduced rate, maybe there are some features he could get for free. If they’re not willing to negotiate, it’s time to escalate. Ask for the supervisor. Tell them they are not providing the service you are paying for and you expect compensation. Say “Work with me here.” Don’t give up! —MEGHANN MARCO

Top 10 Companies for Customer Service

CRMLowdown sifted through countless customer service surveys, studies, and real-life experiences to come up with a pretty damn impressive list of the best/worst companies for customer service.

HOWTO: Get Internet On The Cheap

HOWTO: Get Internet On The Cheap

How does $500 extra a year sound? And it doesn’t even require stuffing envelopes.

Telecoms Cram Customers

Telecoms Cram Customers

Consumer Affairs has an article up called “Florida Opens Cramming Probe.” They’ve got that the order jumbled up. Let me give you the advice my father gave me: “Son, first you probe, then you cram.”

‘Broadband Scandal’: How the Phone Companies Screwed Us All

A new book called The $200 Billion Broadband Scandal claims to detail the variety of tax breaks and compensations offered to the Bell-spawned phone companies to build out our nation’s fiber-optic network—a network designed to bring 45-megabit per second connections into every home. We don’t know about you, but we are sending this text via a rickety old copper line, using the best 1-megabitish DSL connection Verizon has to offer.

Consumers Speak: SBC Yahoo DSL’s Rack Rate

Mike L writes:

Received a letter from SBC regarding my DSL service – informing me that my 1-year contract is about to expire. And, for my convenience, they will automatically renew my service (currently paying ~$26 per mo.) for “just $34.95 per month, with absolutely NO TERM commitment!*” The letter went on to encourage me to take “absolutely NO ACTION” It boasted that this “low monthly rate” is “$5 less than the rack rate for SBC Yahoo! DSL Starter (a service not listed on their website, not that I know what a “rack rate” is…), and $15 less than the rack rate for SBC Yahoo! DSL Express (I was starting to feel the sensation of being “racked”). This lovely letter is signed, sincerely, by one Jason Crawford of the SBC Yahoo! Marketing team.

Consumers Speak: SBC Global DSL Supports Macs ‘Probably Never’

s kind of sad for a company that should put being technologically current above all else, if you ask me.