Sanyo’s Tech Support Will Read Your TV Manual To You Until You Hang Up

Renato bought a 50″ Sanyo LCD TV at Walmart with the understanding that he’d be able to use a DVI adapter and the audio port instead of the HDMI port that his computer doesn’t have. This would have been true had the TV’s audio port been working. He called Sanyo’s tech support for help, only to discover that their tech support staff knew less than he did about how audio and video ports work. They were, however, pretty good at reading the manual. [More]

Recall Roundup – Strollers, Hair Dryers, And Zombie Coffee Grinders

Hazardous hair dryers, unstoppable strollers, zombie coffee grinders, and breakable cribs are this week’s stars of the Recall Roundup. Watch out!

Why Executive Customer Service Is Magic

Why Executive Customer Service Is Magic

Image courtesy Uni and her Ukulele.