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Costco Ramping Up Amazon Rivalry With New Push Into Grocery Delivery

Costco Ramping Up Amazon Rivalry With New Push Into Grocery Delivery

Until recently, Costco didn’t have to worry too much about Amazon, but then the online retail giant began to figure out how to sell and ship the fresh groceries and pantry items that make up Costco’s core business. In an attempt to keep itself from going the way of so many other bricks-and-mortar stores, the warehouse club is grabbing a jumbo-size battle hammer and jumping into the grocery delivery fray. [More]


Best Buy Expanding Same-Day Delivery To More Cities, Cutting Price

If you need a gadget or cord on short notice and don’t have time to go to the store, same-day delivery from Amazon is probably the first option that you think of. Best Buy wants to change that, and is slashing the price for its own same-day delivery service while expanding the list of cities where it’s available. [More]

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Target Buys Shipping Tech Company To Speed Up Deliveries, Compete With Amazon

From drones to airplanes, and fleets of on-demand delivery drivers or employees dropping off packages, many retailers — most notably Amazon — have begun dipping they toes in the logistics and delivery game. Now it’s Target’s turn, as the big box retailer has acquired a transportation tech firm with the intention of speeding up deliveries to customers. [More]

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PetSmart Offers Same-Day Delivery Because You Never Know When You’ll Run Out Of Dog Food

Retailers are constantly attempting to one-up each other in services offered to customers. Recently that has meant introducing the quick delivery of products. Joining the likes of Amazon Now, Google Express, Best Buy, and Staples is PetSmart, you know, because you never know when you’ll unexpectedly run out of dog food.  [More]

Google Express Bringing Delivery Service To 13 More States

Google Express Bringing Delivery Service To 13 More States

Google is continuing its quest to take on same-day delivery services around the country: Google Express is now rolling out in 14 additional cities, including in Amazon’s home state of Washington. [More]


Staples Uses Existing Commercial Delivery Fleet To Make Same-Day Online Deliveries

Same-day delivery for online orders is a hot trend in retail, and Staples is hopping on the delivery van to compete. The office supplies retailer has a unique advantage, though: they don’t need to team up with a ride-hailing service or hire independent contractors to make deliveries. They already have a fleet of delivery drivrs and vehicles. [More]

Amazon Now Expanding Same-Day Delivery To All ZIP Codes In 27 Cities

Amazon Now Expanding Same-Day Delivery To All ZIP Codes In 27 Cities

Two weeks after being called out for omitting ZIP codes with predominantly non-white residents from its same-day delivery service, Amazon is now pledging to cover those areas in all the markets where it offers the expedited delivery option. [More]


Amazon Expands Same-Day Prime Delivery To Chicago’s South Side & The Bronx; Launches Dedicated Website

Nearly two weeks ago, Amazon was criticized when an analysis of its Prime Now two-hour delivery service found the company treated some delivery addresses within a city differently. Critics alleged that Amazon was deliberately excluding predominantly African-American neighborhoods in six major cities from the delivery service. The company has now announced plans to expand into at least some of these ZIP codes. [More]


Best Buy Moving Forward With Same-Day Delivery, Adds 11 Cities To Pilot

Six months after Best Buy jumped on the same-day delivery bandwagon by launching a pilot program in San Francisco, the electronics retailer plans to expand those tests to additional cities around the country.  [More]

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Amazon Opening Prime Now Same-Day Delivery Service To Web Users This May

As of right now, the only way for customers to use Amazon’s Prime Now — which provides same-day delivery for household items and local restaurants and stores — was with the service’s mobile app for smartphones. That is set to change in May, a new report says, with the e-commerce giant taking Prime Now to the Web. [More]

Postmates Launches Same-Day Delivery Subscription Service For $10 A Month

Postmates Launches Same-Day Delivery Subscription Service For $10 A Month

In a move that brings it closer to Amazon Prime territory, Postmates is launching a new subscription service that promises same-day delivery for a monthly fee of $9.99. [More]


Google Express Adds Same-Day Deliveries Of Fresh Groceries In L.A., San Francisco

Google Express is making good on its plan to offer same-day deliveries of fresh groceries, at least in two California cities: customers in Los Angeles and San Francisco can now order produce, meat, eggs, and other perishable goods and have them delivered by Google within that day. [More]

Best Buy Adds Same-Day Delivery Test In San Francisco

Best Buy Adds Same-Day Delivery Test In San Francisco

Last-minute holiday shopping just got a bit easier for some Californians who simply forget to grab a gift for your electronics-loving family and friends: Best Buy is testing same-day delivery.  [More]

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Kohl’s Expands New Same-Day Delivery Service To 6 Additional Cities

Less than a month after Kohl’s said it would join the throngs of other retailers dipping their toes in the world of same-day delivery, the company plans to expand its pilot service to six more cities just in time for the start of the holiday shopping season.  [More]

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Kohl’s Hops On The Same-Day Delivery Testing Train

The seemingly never-ending list of retailers wading into the same-day delivery game grew by one this week: Kohl’s will test a quick-delivery service in two markets in an attempt to revamp its digital presence and attract customers who want their purchases to arrive as quickly as possible. [More]

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Etsy To Try Same-Day, Next-Day Delivery In New York City

With Amazon’s new “Handmade” platform trying to nose into territory that has long been the domain of Etsy, the online crafts and vintage marketplace is taking a page from Amazon’s playbook and trying its hand at same-day and next-day delivery. [More]

Macy’s, Bloomingdales Expand Same-Day Delivery Service To Nine Markets

Macy’s, Bloomingdales Expand Same-Day Delivery Service To Nine Markets

Nearly a year after Macy’s and Bloomingdales began a pilot program offering same-day delivery of certain items for a $5 fee in eight markets around the country, the companies have expanded the service to nine other locations. Markets added to the program include Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, New York City/Western Long Island, Orange County, CA, and Philadelphia. However, availability for delivery – which is provided by Deliv – varies depending on what stores are located in the area. For example, Dallas and Las Vegas only offer delivery from Macy’s stores, not Bloomingdales. [via Macy’s] [More]

eBay Shutters Same-Day Delivery Service eBay Now

eBay Shutters Same-Day Delivery Service eBay Now

Three years after eBay launched its rapid delivery venture, eBay Now, the company is nixing the service as other e-commerce companies and retailers like Amazon, Uber and Whole Foods continue to dip their toes in the fast-delivery market. [More]