Shoppers Say Their Bagged Spinach Came With A Free Live Scorpion

It’s a bad week for bagged salads, unless you are hoping to find animals mixed in with your greens. First, there was the dead bat salad, and now we have a customer claiming they found a live scorpion in their bag o’ spinach. [More]

Fresh Express Recalling Salad Mix Sold At Walmart After 2 People Find Dead Bat In Their Food

Fresh Express Recalling Salad Mix Sold At Walmart After 2 People Find Dead Bat In Their Food

If you were about to eat something, you may want to put it down for just a second. Now pick it up and take a closer look at it: Any dead animals that shouldn’t be there? No? You’re luckier than two people in Florida who found a dead bat in the packaged salad they were in the process of consuming. [More]

Possible Listeria Contamination Leads To Sargento Cheese, Taylor Farms Salad Recalls

Possible Listeria Contamination Leads To Sargento Cheese, Taylor Farms Salad Recalls

Cheese is delicious. Salad with cheese is also delicious. But Listeria is not. For that reason, Sargento has recalled seven prepackaged cheese products and Taylor Farms has recalled 6,630 pounds of pork and chicken salad products that use the affected cheese. [More]

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Pre-Cut, Bagged Salad May Actually Contribute To Growth Of Salmonella

Salads are among the most common sources of foodborne illness, and we’ve repeatedly seen how pre-cut, bagged salad products can harbor ugly pathogens like listeria or salmonella. A new scientific study finds that pre-cutting these leafy vegetables may actually be contributing to the growth of salmonella. [More]

Domino’s Is Adding Salads To The Menu Nationwide

Domino’s Is Adding Salads To The Menu Nationwide

Though it might be hard to believe that not everyone enjoys eating pizza, Domino’s has decided to get in on this whole healthy food trend consumers have been into for the past few years, and will now be offering salads on all its menus nationwide. [More]

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Meijer Recalls Fresh Salads, Sandwiches Over Possible Salmonella Contamination

If you recently stocked your fridge with fresh salads and sandwiches from Meijer in hopes of grabbing an easy lunch, you might want to find other plans — unless you want a side of Salmonella.  [More]

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Wendy’s Is Not Serving Salads, They’re Serving A ‘Salad Experience’

We’ve been talking about brand experiences here lately, with Cadillac opening a cafe and art gallery to explain what their brand feels like, and American Girl is building a new store that they hope will immerse fans in the brand. Well, fast food can do that, too: that’s why Wendy’s isn’t just serving salads in their restaurants. Their new chicken-quinoa offering is a salad experience. [More]

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Dole Restarts Production At Salad Facility That Had 9-Month Listeria Outbreak

Back in January, the state of Ohio and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discovered and investigated Listeria contamination in salad greens that came from a Dole processing plant in Springfield, OH. The plant has been closed since January, and Dole started limited production this week, but the company announced exactly what the source of contamination was or how they were able to eradicate it. [More]


CDC Investigating Possible Listeria Outbreak In Dole Salads

Since the beginning of July, there have been twelve people who became so sick from a specific strain of Listeria that they were hospitalized. One of them died. Public health authorities know that the cases are linked because of genetic analysis of the bacteria, and have finally been able to link the illnesses to one Dole packaging plant for salad greens in Ohio. [More]

Cold Weasel Salad Is Not A Thing, Not Even In England

Cold Weasel Salad Is Not A Thing, Not Even In England

Here’s the problem with eating plants: they come from outside, where animals also live. Sometimes, animals want to try our food, too, and the safeguards meant to keep animals that we didn’t mean to eat off our plates fail. That’s when we end up with dead baby weasels in our salads. [More]

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Whole Foods Recalls Prepackaged Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad Over Possible Listeria Contamination

If your lunch today consists of that premade sandwich, wrap or pasta salad you grabbed from Whole Foods Market last week, you might want to come up with a backup plan: the health food chain recalled several of its deli products over a possible listeria contamination.  [More]

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Package Of Spinach From Sam’s Club Comes With Free Frog

A woman in California was not pleased when she prepared a salad for dinner and saw a small, speckled frog nestled between the spinach leaves. Sure, people sometimes pay good money to have frog legs for dinner, but those frogs are usually, you know, purpose-raised. And cooked. [More]

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Potentially-Toxic Beetle Shows Up In A Salad From Aldi

Just when the Consumerist staff were about to think about maybe buying some packaged spring mix again, we’ve heard about another Salad Beetle. Normally, an insect in your organic salad is a startling but not dangerous problem to have: vegetable packagers would prefer that it didn’t happen, and so would consumers, but no one will get hurt. Iron Cross blister beetles are different, though: they give off a toxic substance when stressed, and eating the salad can make you sick. [More]

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3 More Toxic Salad Beetles Show Up In Canada And Texas

It turns out that fleeing to Canada won’t keep you safe from the Salad Beetle Scourge. You may remember the Iron Cross Blister Beetles turning up in organic salads and packages of leafy greens across the United States. We learned today of three more discovered in different parts of North America, two of which were in Canada. [More]

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McDonald’s Admits: No One’s Really Buying Our Salads

When people accuse McDonald’s of serving food that isn’t nutritionally ideal, they can always point to their salad offerings. See, salads are healthy, and McDonald’s serves salads: therefore, you can eat healthy at McDonald’s, but if consumers choose to eat something else, that’s cool, too. Only the company admitted to investors this weekend that they don’t actually sell a lot of those salads: vegetable-based offerings account for maybe 2-3% of McDonald’s sales in the United States. [More]

Customer Finds Live Tree Frog In Salad Bought At Costco

Customer Finds Live Tree Frog In Salad Bought At Costco

Everyone knows you’re supposed to rinse out your salad to get rid of any dirt before you chow down, but the food safety folks rarely mention the presence of frogs. So you can imagine the surprise that one California woman had on Monday when she spotted a living croaker in the salad she’d just bought from Costco. [More]

Women Laugh Alone With Salad, But Chocolate Makes Us Sexy

Women Laugh Alone With Salad, But Chocolate Makes Us Sexy

Here’s what I’ve learned today from stock photos: I’ve never watched myself eating chocolate, but apparently I’m making a sexy face while I’m doing it. When I eat salad, I probably laugh, even if I’m alone.


Why A Salad Costs More Than A Big Mac

Why A Salad Costs More Than A Big Mac

This is why you’re fat.

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