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Is That Sardine-Style Coach Class Seating So Tight It’s Unsafe?

Everyone who flies, but who doesn’t have deep enough pockets to travel exclusively in first class, knows it: Airplanes are increasingly crowded and unpleasant. But is that frustrating lack of legroom actually endangering your life when you fly? [More]

Raffles Terrace

Cruise Ships Bringing Supplies, Rescuing People From Islands Hit By Hurricane Irma

While many travelers prepping for an island vacation had their cruise plans put on hold as Hurricane Irma brewed, several of those cruise lines have once again disembarked, this time to deliver supplies and pick up those stranded in the Caribbean. [More]


Probiotic Supplement For Babies Recalled Due To Confusing Directions

Sometimes people take directions too literally. It’s in case of that that Garden of Life, LLC, is recalling a probiotic supplement made for babies. [More]

79,000 “Trolls” Slap Bracelets Recalled After Injuring Five Children

79,000 “Trolls” Slap Bracelets Recalled After Injuring Five Children

As a child, it was always exciting to receive a book that also included a toy, because well, I was a kid. But as it turns out some of those toys could be dangerous. Case in point: 79,000 slap bracelets included in the DreamWorks Trolls: It’s Hug Time! storybook were recalled after several children were cut by the accessories. [More]


4 Things To Look Out For When Returning Home After A Hurricane

As residents in Texas head back to their homes following Hurricane Harvey and those in Florida prepare for Irma to make landfall, federal safety regulators are warning them about potential dangers lurking in their storm-ravaged homes. [More]

1.6M Chests Recalled For “Serious” Tip-Over Issue After Child Injured

1.6M Chests Recalled For “Serious” Tip-Over Issue After Child Injured

Nearly a year after IKEA recalled 29 million topple-prone dressers and chests following the deaths of at least four children, another furniture manufacturer has issued a similar safety campaign: Ameriwood Home recalled 1.6 million chests sold at Walmart.  [More]

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Volkswagen Recalls 281,000 Vehicles Because Engines Should Work

It’s fairly difficult to get from point A to point B when the engine in your car suddenly stalls. For that reason, Volkswagen recalled nearly 281,000 vehicles that could contain a fuel pump issue.  [More]

With Galaxy Note 8 Nearing Launch, Samsung Focuses On Battery Safety

With Galaxy Note 8 Nearing Launch, Samsung Focuses On Battery Safety

A year after Samsung recalled and eventually discontinued the Galaxy Note 7 after several of the devices’ batteries overheated and exploded or caught fire, the tech company is prepping the release of its next version of the smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8. [More]

Uber Driver Accused Of Locking Passenger In Car, Demanding Sex

Uber Driver Accused Of Locking Passenger In Car, Demanding Sex

A Chicago Uber driver has been charged with unlawful restraint after he was accused of locking a passenger in his car and demanding that she have sex with him. [More]

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros. Warns Customers Not To Use Eclipse Glasses Given Away At Stores, Offers Free Coffee Instead

If you picked up a pair of eclipse-viewing glasses while grabbing your morning cup of joe from a Dutch Bros. Coffee this weekend, you don’t want to actually wear them during today’s eclipse event: The coffee chain is recalling the glasses over concerns they might not be safe.  [More]


Panera Workers Break Into Car To Rescue Two Dogs Inside

It might seem like a quick trip to you, but even if you don’t think you’ll be gone very long it’s always important to remember: Do not leave any living thing in a car with the windows up and no air conditioning on a hot day. If you do, you may find a few broken windows when you return, like the dog owner who left his two pooches in a hot car. [More]

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4 Things To Know About Uber’s Singapore Leasing Program & Recall Issues

For nearly two years, Uber has offered a car leasing program that aims to remedy one of the biggest obstacles for those who wanted to sign up as a driver, but didn’t haven anything to, you know, actually drive. While some Uber drivers have expressed their frustrations with the Xchange Leasing program, a new report suggests that those taking part in similar programs outside of the U.S. are facing more than high monthly payments; they’re dealing with allegedly defective and dangerous vehicles.  [More]

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Honda Investigating Another Death Possibly Tied To Takata Airbag

Federal safety regulators and Honda have opened investigations into what could be the 13th U.S.-based death linked to recalled shrapnel-shooting Takata airbags. [More]


Colorado Makes It Legal To Break Into A Hot Car To Save Kids, Pets

When there’s a living being stuck inside a hot car on a sweltering day, sometimes desperate measures are necessary — helpful bystanders may have to break into that vehicle to save a child left behind, or even a pet. One state has now made these kinds of rescue efforts legal. [More]

11 States Accuse Trump Administration Of Illegally Delaying Safety Regulations For Chemical Plants

11 States Accuse Trump Administration Of Illegally Delaying Safety Regulations For Chemical Plants

The Environmental Protection Agency recently decided to put a nearly two-year delay on new rules intended to reduce the number and damage resulting from accidents at U.S. chemical plants that can result in deadly explosions, fires, and the release of poisonous gas. But the attorneys general for 11 states say the Trump administration has overstepped its authority with this decision. [More]

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Squirrels Don’t Usually Have Rabies, But Here’s What To Do If You Are Bitten

Brooklyn has been gripped with the news of an aggressive, possibly rabid squirrel on the loose in a major park, attacking locals and prompting concerns of infection. So what do you do if you’ve been bitten? [More]


Honda Recalls 2.1M Accord Sedans Over Increased Battery Fire Risk

For the second time today we’re telling you about a potentially fiery situation leading to the recall of vehicles. This time involving nearly 2.1 million Honda vehicles that contain faulty battery sensors that increase the risk of engine fire.  [More]

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Fiat Chrysler Recalls Nearly 1.3M Dodge, Jeep Vehicles Over Airbag Deployment, Fire Risks

Of all of things you don’t want to happen to your car, bursting into flames or having the airbags deploy without actually being in a crash are probably pretty close to the top. Yet, those are exactly the issues plaguing 1.3 million recently recalled Fiat Chrysler vehicles.  [More]