Japanese Girls Sick Of Valentine’s Day

Adorable Japanese girls are sick of the expense and tedium of slavishly giving all the men in their lives chocolates on Valentine’s Day. From Yahoo News:

Canadians Don’t Know What ‘Sex’ Means

According to a recent poll of 3,000 students, Canadians are much more pathetic than previously suspected:

British Supermarkets Sell 8 Pence Valentine’s Cards

British Supermarkets Sell 8 Pence Valentine’s Cards

re not fit to date any of our members, the number one online relationship site told her.

It’s Just Lunch Rips Off Love-Lorn Professionals

Consumer Affairs has posted an expose of It’s Just Lunch, a match-making company that for a “modest” fee will listen to you gush forth your wildest dreams of dating a banker or a neurosurgeon and then hook you up with a salivating, dead-eyed landscaper at the local mental asylum. Here’s the link. Now here’s our take.