Netflix Profiles To Stay!

Netflix Profiles To Stay!

Netflix announced today that they will not be removing the beloved profiles function that let users set up separate movie queues. Hooray! Speaking from personal experience, when two people share one netflix account, having two queues is essential to maintaining domestic tranquility. Looks like they listened to the 1270 people who left comments on the blog post announcing the feature’s removal. An email to subscribers also thanked them for the customer emails and calls that advocated for keeping the profiles. The news was released on the Netflix community blog by one of the Netflix website production managers. Full announcement, inside…

Seller Gets Scammed On Ebay, PayPal Won't Help

Seller Gets Scammed On Ebay, PayPal Won't Help

Matt just got his first taste of Ebay, and it wasn’t good—as soon as he mailed off the Best Buy gift card to the buyer, the buyer reversed payment on Matt’s PayPal account and stopped communicating with him. We’re pretty sure he’s screwed on this one, but does anyone have any good advice for what he can do next?