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Some Kohl’s Stores Will Start Accepting Amazon Returns Next Month

Here’s the thing about online purchases and in-store returns: If you drive to the store to return your online purchase you might get your refund more quickly, but there’s a good chance you’ll stick around and buy something else. Kohl’s already offers this option, but the chain is upping its game, allowing customers to return their Amazon purchases to some of its bricks-and-mortar stores. [More]

Toys “R” Us & Babies “R” Us Offering Discounts For Return Of Potentially Dangerous Products

Toys “R” Us & Babies “R” Us Offering Discounts For Return Of Potentially Dangerous Products

Each year manufacturers and federal safety regulators initiate safety recalls for a number of baby- and child-focused products. One major retailer wants to ensure you’ve rid your home of these potentially dangerous items by offering discounts if you trade in the goods for new ones.   [More]

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Target Introduces Extended One-Year Return Policy

While 90 days might seem like enough time to decide whether or not those sheets really match your bedroom decor, Target seems to think you might want to think on it a bit longer than that: The company announced today that it will offer customers a one-year return window for select items.

Airlines Have Bumped 343,000 Passengers This Year

Airlines Have Bumped 343,000 Passengers This Year

Over a quarter-million passengers were bumped from flights in the past eight months, a number that is set to grow as airlines try to boost anemic profits by slashing fleets. The Department of Transportation requires airlines to compensate bumped passengers with cash or vouchers, but savvy passengers can leverage their situation to negotiate heftier payments…

Staples “That Was Easy” Actually is Easy

Staples “That Was Easy” Actually is Easy

In a complete break of character, we present a short tale of a shoddy chair, a friendly Staples customer service representative and a no-hassle return policy faithfully executed. Shangri-la and the groove of one man’s beautiful behind, after the jump.