New “McDonald’s Of The Future” In Missouri Will Offer All-You-Can-Eat French Fries

While we live in a fast food world that’s been moving steadily toward healthier menu options, you better believe that if someone puts unlimited French fries on the table, people are going to react. That’s where a McDonald’s franchisee in Missouri with his big “McDonald’s of the future” idea comes in. In his version of the future, we will all eat as many fries as we want. [More]

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Man Accused Of Giving Dunkin’ Donuts Drive-Thru Staff A Peep Show They Never Asked For

There are many things fast food staff working in the drive-thru have probably had to see that they didn’t want to, we have no doubt. Workers at a New Hampshire Dunkin’ Donuts just added one more to their list, after a man allegedly cruised through the drive-thru while exposing his genitals. [More]

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Oldest McDonald’s In U.S. Might Be Getting A Drive-Thru

Last year, the world’s oldest Taco Bell, located in Downey, CA, was facing the wrecking ball. While that eatery was eventually saved and relocated, another long-standing establishment in the city is now facing its own big change. The country’s oldest McDonald’s is about to get a 21st century facelift: a drive-thru.  [More]

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Man Says He’s “Extremely Lucky” After Falling Chipotle Sign Crushes Car With Him Inside

While a story that starts with a heavy object crushing a car is never going to be a total win for those involved, an Indianapolis man says he’s just grateful that he emerged relatively unscathed after a Chipotle sign fell on his car… while he was sitting inside it. [More]

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Subway Posting Calorie Counts On Menus Nationwide Ahead Of Final Federal Regulations

It seems someone has gotten a little bit impatient: instead of waiting for federal regulations requiring chain restaurants and other businesses to post calorie counts on menus and displays to finally go into effect, Subway is going to go ahead and slap those numbers on its menu boards nationwide now. [More]


Patrons Chase Would-Be Robber Out Of Waffle House

There are loyal customers, and then there are customers who go a bit farther than showing up for a free coffee after 12 visits. Like the patrons of a North Carolina Waffle House, who police say chased an armed robbery suspect out of the restaurant after he demanded cash. [More]


Here’s Where You Can Get Deals And Freebies In Celebration Of Pi Day

If you’re a person who likes free or discounted food, congratulations! You’ve got a lot of company, and we freebie lovers like to support each other as much as we can. Which is why we’d like to share with you a few places you can get deals today, March 14, or 3/14, in celebration of Pi Day.

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Ovation Brands Is Already Selling The Contents Of Buffets Closed On Sunday

On Monday, we shared the news that the parent company of Old Country Buffet, HomeTown Buffet, Fire Mountain, Ryan’s Steakhouse, and other centers of face-stuffing abruptly shut down restaurants on Sunday. Today, an auction company announced a nationwide restaurant equipment sale in multiple states. Yes, some of the very same ones closed for inventory on Sunday. The “inventory” thing wasn’t a ruse: on Wednesday, they’ll be selling everything that isn’t nailed down. [More]

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Dunkin’ Donuts Expanding Mobile Ordering For Rewards Members To Some MA, RI Locations

Dunkin’ Donuts customers in Rhode Island and Massachusetts will soon get access to the mobile app experience the chain introduced in Maine and New Hampshire last year, with an expansion of its mobile ordering and payment pilot program for rewards members visiting certain locations. [More]

Judge Signs Off On Settlement That Will Ensure Subway’s Footlong Sandwiches Measure Up

Judge Signs Off On Settlement That Will Ensure Subway’s Footlong Sandwiches Measure Up

Our national nightmare is nearly over: the so-called “Footlong” sandwich from Subway will finally have to measure up to a full 12 inches in length. [More]

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Woman Bites Down On Rare Pearl In Her Food While Dining At Her Favorite Italian Restaurant

We can’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve heard about someone chomping down on an unexpected item in their food, but usually in those cases, something gross is happening and the customer is upset. One diner in Washington who encountered the unusual in her meal came away from her experience with a much more appetizing prize than usual, however: a rare purple pearl. [More]

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Analysts Say Chipotle’s Customers Are Suffering From “Menu Fatigue”

If you’ve ever been to Chipotle before, you know exactly what you can expect: burritos/burrito bowls, tacos, fajitas, and salads that can be made from a combination of toppings and fillings. Those ingredients have remained basically unchanged over the years (besides the addition of tofu sofritas in 2014). But while that familiarity might be comforting, Chipotle’s lack of new offerings is causing “menu fatigue” in some customers that could make it harder for the chain to come back after its recent food safety issues. [More]

These are not the garlic knots in question. (WayTru)

Police: Pizzeria Melee Sparked By Unwanted Cheese On Garlic Knots

It’s surely an inconvenience when your food comes out with an unwanted ingredient on it, but violence is never the appropriate response if your order isn’t exactly right. Police in Daytona, FL say a group of customers at a pizzeria reacted a bit strongly when a worker allegedly put cheese on an order of garlic knots that was not supposed to include cheese. [More]

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Guy Eats At All 46 London McDonald’s Locations In One Day, Lives To Tell The Tale

Though perhaps you have the distinction of having frequented 46 McDonald’s restaurants in your lifetime, one brave soul decided he’d add 46 locations to his list in one day. The plan? To hit all of London’s McDonald’s locations in 24 hours — and chronicle his journey for YouTube, of course. [More]

New Chipotle Food Safety Procedures Include Shutting Down Restaurant If Anyone Barfs

New Chipotle Food Safety Procedures Include Shutting Down Restaurant If Anyone Barfs

Yesterday, Chipotle restaurants didn’t open until 3 PM so 50,000 or so restaurant employees could sit in hotel conference rooms or movie theaters to watch a live-streamed company-wide meeting about food safety. The future of the chain is at stake, and their task is to prove to the public that they’re not trying to make us all sick. [More]

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There Are Suddenly A Lot Of Closed Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s & HomeTown Buffet Restaurants

Sometimes you just don’t know what you want for dinner. For that reason, we have buffets. But there will be a fewer options for some diners, as Ovation Brands, the operator of restaurants like Hometown Buffet, Ryan’s, Fire Mountain, and Old Country Buffet, announced the closure of 74 underperforming locations.  [More]

Subway Is Really Excited About Raising The Price Of Its Footlong Promo From $5 To $6

Subway Is Really Excited About Raising The Price Of Its Footlong Promo From $5 To $6

There’s nothing like a little breathless excitement to try to convince your customers that raising the price of something popular is a fantastic idea, which is perhaps why Subway was so pleased to let customers know that “ALL” its classic footlong sandwiches will cost $6 from now on. That’s right, the same menu item that Subway used to push for just $5 during its typical promotion. [More]

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IKEA Giving All U.S. Restaurants A Makeover Because Plenty Of Shoppers Are Just There For The Food Anyway

When someone asks you if you want to go to IKEA, does your brain translate that question as, “Do I want meatballs?” You’re not alone, unsurprisingly, as many shoppers head to the Swedish retailer’s stores just for the food offered in its restaurants. IKEA knows this, which is why its giving those dine-in eateries a makeover in the U.S. [More]