restaurants behaving badly


Restaurant Turns Away Customer In Wheelchair, Charges $245 To Cancel Reservation

Some people may disagree that it’s fair for a restaurant to charge a cancellation fee when someone misses their reservation. However, there’s pretty much no one who thinks that it’s fair to charge a cancellation fee because a customer uses a wheelchair and is literally unable to get in the door.  [More]

At least he's lord of something?

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Server Could’ve Bestowed A Nicer Title Than “Douchelord” On Customer

What little kid doesn’t dream of living in castles, being called lord or lady and having peons bow to your every whim? It’s a fantasy, unreachable for most of us commonfolk. Unless, like Consumerist reader Shawn, you venture to a local sports bar in Exton, Pa. Then you can get your very own regal title! [More]