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The recall of this salad has freed up the boxes it shipped in for use by cats.(Carbon Arc)

Reser’s Recalls Salads For Possible Listeria, Also Sold Under Walmart And Safeway Brands

Reser’s Fine Foods may not be a food brand name that you immediately recognize, but their products are popular across the country, and are also sold under store brand names. From a 3-ounce container of Reser’s brand potato salad to an 8-pound tub of Sysco-brand macaroni salad meant for restaurants and cafeterias, cold salads containing onions from Reser’s have been recalled. [More]

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Reser’s Fine Foods Listeria Recall Now Includes 22,800 Pounds Of Lunch Meats

Mmm, listeria! Last week, Reser’s Fine Foods recalled 109,000 cases of refrigerated ready-to-eat salads, dips, slaws, and other items that you generally serve cold and don’t reheat enough to kill off all bacteria. Now they’ve expanded that recall to include meat-containing products like chicken and ham salad and baked beans with beef. [More]