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The Luxury Repo Men Are Here To Take Back Your Yacht

When you think of a “repo man,” you probably imagine a crew hunting down late-model sedans with a tow truck, hauling away vehicles with infant car seats in the back while tears stream down the struggling deadbeat’s face. Orlando-based repo man Ken Cage used to do that work, but found that it was bad for his soul. So he got into a different business: recovering private planes and yachts from the overleveraged 1%. [More]

Repo Man Accidentally Kidnaps Kid

Repo Man Accidentally Kidnaps Kid

A San Jose, Calif. woman found out that if you’re late with your car payment and have some bad luck, you could have your child repossessed as well as your car. The San Jose Mercury news reports the horrifying accident in which the repo man accidentally kidnapped her child. [More]


Violence against repo men is on the rise. [AP]