Repair Shop Worker Takes Customer’s BMW For A Joyride And Wrecks It… Which Is Totally Legal

It sounds too awful to be true, but it is: A man who brought in a BMW to a repair shop for some minor work ended up with a wrecked car instead, after an employee admitted to taking it out for a joyride and wrecking it. And apparently, that is totally legal. [More]

Video: JiffyLube Caught Upselling Car-Damaging Repair Services

Video: JiffyLube Caught Upselling Car-Damaging Repair Services

KNBC undercover cameras caught local JiffyLubes and EZ-Lubes upselling customers to buy engine-flushing and fuel-injection cleaning services, services which have been forbidden by auto-manufacturers because they’re unnecessary and can severely damage your engine. One guy’s engine died while he was driving on the highway, and it cost him $5,000 to replace his engine.