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Woman Must Give Back Stolen Renoir She Scored On The Cheap At Flea Market

Finders doesn’t always mean keepers: A judge has ruled that woman who picked up a painting by Renoir for $7 at a flea market must give it back to the Baltimore Museum. It turns out that the piece was stolen in 1951, and as such, still belongs to the museum. Hey, at least she has a story about owning a great work of art for a little while, at least. [via The Wire] [More]

(CBS Baltimore)

Renoir Found For Cheap At Flea Market Might’ve Been Boosted From Baltimore Museum

We wrote a few weeks ago about a lucky flea market find, when a woman scored a Renoir painting for only $7 (although at the time it was also reported to be $60, but either way, cheap) but it turns out the painting may in fact have been stolen over 60 years ago. The Baltimore Museum of Art believes the rare artwork was boosted while it was on loan from one of the museum’s honored donors. [More]