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Pew researchers analyzed 10 key elements of remote deposit services. [click to enlarge]

Report: Many Banks And Prepaid Companies Lack Clear Disclosures For Smartphone Deposit Services

Some days, driving to the bank or searching for the right ATM, seems like too much effort to deposit a single check. Over the past few years time-crunched consumers have found some relief in the form of banks offering the ability to remotely deposit checks with a smartphone. While the technology may be convenient, a new report found certain drawback to the program, including poorly disclosed terms and conditions. [More]

21 Banks And Credit Unions That Accept Remote Check

21 Banks And Credit Unions That Accept Remote Check Deposits

Why trek to local bank to deposit a check when you can slap it on a scanner or use your smartphone’s camera to upload it directly to your bank? Even though it still scares most of the bigger banks, remote deposit checking represents the future of consumer banking. Inside, a list of twenty-one credit unions and banks that are ready to save you a trip to the bank and the hassle of deposit slips. [More]

USAA Lets You Remotely Deposit Checks

USAA Lets You Remotely Deposit Checks

We got a flier in our recent USAA bill announcing they’re now letting customers deposit checks from home. Just sign and scan your checks and send it in through the USAA website. As far as we know, USAA is the only bank to offer this service to consumers.