Consumers Speak: Yahoo! Domains Nightmare

Mike Harris provides this epic tale of woe dealing with Yahoo! Domains:

I detest the support staff of Yahoo Domains. I detest them with the passion of a thousand white-hot suns. Not only has the experience entirely soured me on Yahoo! Domains, it has soured me on pretty much any for-pay Yahoo service.

Why The Consumerist Won’t Use Westhost Again

Why The Consumerist Won’t Use Westhost Again

We apologize for the slower updates today, although we would also like to acknowledge that this is the first Friday The Consumerist has even been open for business, so maybe we should just pretend this is going to be standard operating procedure. We’ve been on the phone for about two hours trying to gain access to two domains that were registered about five years ago with Westhost. As you may have gathered from this post, it did not go very well.