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Bread Recalled Because Broken Light Bulb Is Not Supposed To Be An Ingredient

When crafting a tasty sandwich for lunch, the one ingredient you don’t want to forget is a broken light bulb. Wait, what? Shards of light bulb certainly don’t belong in our digestive systems, that’s why Bimbo Bakeries has issued a recall of several types of bread. [More]

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Company Offering Deferred-Interest Loans For Dental Work Must Repay $700K To Consumers Over False Claims

Getting a root canal, a crown replaced, or even a simple filling at the dentist can really drain your bank account, especially if you don’t have insurance. That’s why a growing number of dental offices are offering third-party financing to patients. But sometimes these loans offer terms that are too good to be true. [More]

Citi To Return Additional $4.5M In Overcharged Fees To 15,000 Investment Account Holders

Citi To Return Additional $4.5M In Overcharged Fees To 15,000 Investment Account Holders

Last October, Citigroup agreed to return a total of $16 million to nearly 30,000 customers after an investigation by the state of New York found the company overcharged some customers advisory fees on their investment accounts. While that redress seems pretty hefty, it wasn’t enough, with the financial institution now agreeing to pay an additional $4.5 million to another 15,000 account holders. [More]

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Citizens Bank Must Pay $31.5M In Fines, Refunds For Failing To Credit Full Deposit Amounts

Several federal agencies teamed up like your favorite buddy-cop movie to bring down the bad guy today. In this particular case the bad guy was Citizens Bank, which must now pay a total of $20.5 million in penalties and $11 million in refunds to the owners of accounts it allegedly failed to credit for full amounts of deposited funds. [More]

YotaPhone 2 Cancels U.S. Version, Offers Refunds Instead

YotaPhone 2 Cancels U.S. Version, Offers Refunds Instead

It’s easy to understand why gadget fans were interested in the Yotaphone 2: it’s an Android smartphone with a regular touchscreen on the front and an e-ink display that can display widgets or function as a power-saving regular screen on the back. When the company behind the phone announced in May that a U.S. version compatible with our LTE networks here in the US would become available, lots of people stepped up to place orders, including reader Steve. [More]


Citibank Must Pay $700M Over Illegal Marketing, Collection Practices

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered Citibank and one of its subsidiaries to pay $700 million in relief to more than 8.8 million consumers for engaging in a string of illegal credit card practices, including deceptively marketing and billing for debt protection and credit monitoring services, and misrepresenting fees related to debt collection actions. [More]

Victims Of Debt Collection Scam To Start Receiving $4M In Refunds From FTC

Victims Of Debt Collection Scam To Start Receiving $4M In Refunds From FTC

More than a year after the Federal Trade Commission settled charges with a massive debt collection operation that extorted payments from consumer using false threats, those affected by the deceptive practices are finally seeing a bit of restitution in the form of checks totaling $4 million. [More] Bans Members Without Investigating Complaints Against Them First Bans Members Without Investigating Complaints Against Them First

We live in a world where consumers not only expect instant gratification from the online products and services they pay for, but also instant justice when they believe they’ve been wronged. That’s why a growing number of websites now take a “shoot first, ask questions later” approach to complaints — removing content, and locking down accounts before they investigate. While many sites try to balance this preemptive practice by allowing affected users to appeal, that can’t be said about one prominent site that connects users with professional caregivers. [More]

PayPal Must Pay $25M In Refunds, Penalties For Illegally Signing Customers Up For Online Credit Product

PayPal Must Pay $25M In Refunds, Penalties For Illegally Signing Customers Up For Online Credit Product

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau alleges that online payment platform PayPal signed up customers for PayPal credit accounts without authorization, forced customers to use this credit line instead of their preferred payment methods, and failed to address disputes. As a result, PayPal will pay a total of $25 million in refunds and penalties. [More]

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CFPB Fines Regions Bank $7.5M For Collecting Illegal Overdraft Fees

Each year consumers spend nearly $32 million in exorbitant overdraft fees to their banks and credit unions without fully understanding the way in which these fees work or how much they spend on each overdraft. Today, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reminded banks that using consumers’ lack of knowledge to collect more fees isn’t acceptable by imposing a $7.5 million fine against Regions Bank for unlawful overdraft practices. [More]

CFPB, Navajo Nation Team Up To Put An End To Tax Scheme Targeting Low-Income Consumers

CFPB, Navajo Nation Team Up To Put An End To Tax Scheme Targeting Low-Income Consumers

For many low-income consumers, tax time provides an opportunity to catch up on bills and get back on track financially. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous companies out there that aim to make money of these same consumers by pointing them in the direction of high-cost tax-refund-anticipation loans. That appears to be the case for the owner of New Mexico-based H&R Block franchises and a tax-time loan company operating an alleged illegal tax-refund scheme.   [More]


FTC Temporarily Halts Deceptive Practices Of Mortgage Relief Operation

The Federal Trade Commission continued its crackdown of deceptive mortgage relief companies this week as a federal court granted the agency’s request to temporarily halt a Los Angeles-based company that charged consumers excessive upfront fees for services they never performed. [More]


Burger King Fires Employee Caught On Camera Cursing At Customer Over A Refund

While dealing with customer complaints is never a fun experience for anyone in the service industry, lashing out isn’t going to help things, especially now that anyone with a smartphone can be a filmmaker. A Burger King franchisee in Louisiana says its fired a worker who was caught on tape cursing at a customer who’d asked for a refund.


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American Airlines Refused To Refund Ticket After Fourth-Grader’s Death

Following the death of their young daughter, an Illinois family couldn’t bear the thought of following through with a long-planned spring break trip, so they asked American Airlines to refund the ticket purchased in their daughter’s name. While airlines have varying policies regarding refunds and deaths, the family says they were shocked when the airline refused the refund. [More]

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Southwest Says Man Didn’t Show Up For Flight, Cancels Ticket While He’s On The Plane

When a passenger doesn’t show up for the first leg of their flight, airlines typically cancel the trip at the cost of the traveler. That seems to have been the case for a Michigan man, who says that when Southwest Airlines canceled his ticket for being a no-show, he was on the very flight the airline accused him of missing [More]


Missouri AG Shuts Down Eight Online Payday Lenders Operating From South Dakota Reservation

More than 6,300 Missouri residents will receive refunds or have their debts voided after the state’s attorney general reached an agreement with an online payday lender based on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota. [More]