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The Caylee Anthony “tribute” dolls are back up for sale, according to the company’s “tribute” website. So far, we can’t find a way to actually buy them. We’re loaded up with “Caylee Sunshine” bracelets and tees, however. That should creep out all the parents in Park Slope. [] (Thanks to Craig!)

Caylee Anthony Doll Won't Be Sold

Caylee Anthony Doll Won't Be Sold

The manufacturer of the Caylee Anthony Doll has decided to not sell it, bowing to public reaction over the plans to sell a doll “inspired by” a child homicide victim. [Cayleedoll] (Thanks to J M!)

Toy Manufacturer To Sell Caylee Anthony Doll

Toy Manufacturer To Sell Caylee Anthony Doll

Now you too can be a part of the Caylee Anthony saga unfolding on cable news networks! What’s that? This is a grotesque commercialization of what should be a private tragedy? Don’t be such a downer! “We want it to be a tribute,” Showbiz Promotions prez Jaime Salcedo told the Orlando Sentinel. Heck, he’s even thinking of donating $3 per purchase to some good cause or another.