random acts of pizza

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Stranger Pays For Family’s Dinner At Pizza Hut Because Parenting Ain’t Easy

While not every parent can come prepared with things like goodie bags to apologize in advance for any bad behavior their kids may exhibit, that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to try their best to make sure their children don’t act out in public. One single mom was rewarded for the not always easy effort of parenting when a stranger visited a random act of kindness upon her family. [More]


Hospital On Flood Of Deliveries For Little Girl: Yes, There Is Such A Thing As Too Much Pizza

While I can think of nothing more delightful or delicious than a flood of pizzas, a show of support from well-wishers for a cancer-stricken 2-year-old who wanted a pizza finally had to be stopped by the hospital where she’s receiving treatment. Her mother taped a message to the hospital room window on Sunday simply reading, “Send Pizza” with her room number. And boy, did the Internet send pizza. [More]