Wish-Bone Recalling Some Bottles Of Ranch Dressing Because They’re Full Of Blue Cheese

One of the worst tricks you could pull on a ranch dressing devotee? Filling a bottle labeled as such with blue cheese instead. It could also be quite the problem for anyone allergic to eggs, as that known allergen isn’t declared on bottles of Wish-Bone Ranch Dressing, some of which were accidentally filled with blue cheese dressing instead. Pinnacle Foods has issued a voluntary recall of the mixed up bottles, after a consumer noticed the mistake. Yet another reminder why it’s good to speak up. [via FDA.gov]

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Ranch Lovers Rejoice: There’s Now A Restaurant Devoted To The Creamy Condiment

Saying Americans love ranch dressing is like saying humans need oxygen to live. I mean, we’re dumping that creamy condiment on everything. To see how far the obsession with the sauce has come, one only needs to look at a new restaurant opening in St. Louis. [More]

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Map Shows Which Foods Set Your State Apart From The Rest Of The Country

Look around you — are you surrounded by cheddar cheese? Ranch dressing? Or is every menu you see overflowing with hoagies? What’s on many of the menus in your state sets it apart, whether it’s chocolate, ahi tuna or cheesesteaks.


Newsflash: Americans Are Dumping Ranch Dressing All Over Everything

Newsflash: Americans Are Dumping Ranch Dressing All Over Everything

Oh, hello there. I didn’t notice you, busy as I was using this slice of pizza as a dedicated ranch dressing spoon. Anyway, friend, while you and I might not need anything official to know that Americans are dumping, slathering and otherwise distributing ranch dress on all kinds of food, a new report says it’s the No. 1 condiment shipped to our country’s food service outlets. [More]