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RadioShack Bankruptcy Auction Continues: Unsecured Creditors May Not Get Much

Today is day 2 of the RadioShack bankruptcy auction. While selling the assets of a company that was once worth billions of dollars that still has thousands of stores isn’t a simple endeavor, the proceedings are going even slower than anticipated because other creditors object to the current high bid from Standard General. [More]


RadioShack Buyer Plans To Donate Art And Company Archives

You probably don’t normally associate the phrases “valuable art collection” and “RadioShack,” but the headquarters building that opened just ten years ago has some lovely artwork, valued at $500,000 but possibly worth more at auction. Standard General, the presumed winner of the auction for the RadioShack brand and many of its stores, plans to donate these artworks and the corporate archives to local corporate institutions. [More]

AT&T Asked RadioShack To Destroy Customer And Proprietary Information

AT&T Asked RadioShack To Destroy Customer And Proprietary Information

The auction for the smoldering remains of RadioShack is happening right now at the offices of the company’s attorneys in New York City, and something caught our attention while we wait for news about the winning bidders and future of the Shack and its stores and employees. AT&T has filed an objection to the proceedings in court, asking RadioShack to destroy any sensitive information about customers and AT&T itself. [More]

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Only One Bidder For Radio Shack’s Remains Wants To Keep Any Stores Open

In the bankruptcy auction for the smoldering remains of RadioShack, only one bidder is interested in keeping the chain open as a business. That’s Standard General, which also happens to be the lender that bailed out the company last year in a last-minute attempt to save the business. [More]