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Radio Flyer Recalls 165,000 Scoot 'N Zoom Riding

Radio Flyer Recalls 165,000 Scoot 'N Zoom Riding Toys

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Radio Flyer in Chicago announced the recall of 165,000 Scoot ‘n Zoom riding toys today because the red plastic toy can tip over while being ridden and that is apparently not the original point of the toy. [More]

Radio Flyer Does Right

Radio Flyer Does Right

    “My elderly, widowed, neighbor had purchased a Radio Flyer “Retro Red” tricycle some time back which her grand children used when they visited her. The front tire and axle had been attached to the front forks with special plastic retainers. Although the tricycle looks like new, one of the plastic retainers failed and broke. The second retainer could not take the added stress and cracked badly, leaving the tricycle unable to be ridden.”