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4 Things To Know About Uber’s Singapore Leasing Program & Recall Issues

For nearly two years, Uber has offered a car leasing program that aims to remedy one of the biggest obstacles for those who wanted to sign up as a driver, but didn’t haven anything to, you know, actually drive. While some Uber drivers have expressed their frustrations with the Xchange Leasing program, a new report suggests that those taking part in similar programs outside of the U.S. are facing more than high monthly payments; they’re dealing with allegedly defective and dangerous vehicles.  [More]

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Hyundai Recalls 600K Vehicles Over Parking Brake Issues, Hoods That Could Fly Up While Driving

Owners of Hyundai vehicles should listen up, as the carmaker issued not one but two recalls today related to hoods that could fly up while driving and parking brake issues. [More]

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BMW Recalls 45,500 Cars Over Doors That Could Open Unexpectedly

It’s one thing to feel the breeze through an open window or sunroof while driving down the road; it’s a very different experience when that fresh air comes from a door that opened on its own. [More]


“Herbal” Coffee Recalled For Containing Same Ingredients As Viagra, Cialis

A “natural” coffee promises to improve a drinker’s sexual desire and stamina through the use of three herbs. But it’s now being recalled after Food and Drug Administration tests found that the coffee — which has been linked to one death — actually contains the same active ingredients found in prescription erectile dysfunction drugs Viagra and Cialis. [More]


Toyota Recalls 228,000 Trucks Over Concerns About Loss Of Control

Toyota is recalling 228,000 late model Toyota trucks over concerns that a leak may cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. [More]

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Tesla Will Recall 53,000 Model S, X Vehicles Over Parking Brake Issue

If you purchased a Tesla Model S or Model X last year, you might want to check to ensure it’s not part of a newly announced recall for parking brake issues. [More]


Some Marijuana Dispensaries Pull Pot Possibly Contaminated With Pesticides

Following reports that a variety of products sold at California medical marijuana dispensaries may be contaminated with potentially dangerous pesticides, a number of pot shops in the state have begun to stop selling these items. [More]

146,000 Garbage Disposals Recalled Over Flying Metal Pieces

146,000 Garbage Disposals Recalled Over Flying Metal Pieces

If you’ve got a garbage disposal in your kitchen, you’ll probably want to check it against this list of disposals — from brands like Kenmore, Moen, and Frigidaire — that have been recalled over concerns that they may send metal pieces flying out of your sink. [More]

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Honda Recalls 37,000 Accords In Hunt To Find 2,500 Defective Airbags

To date, Honda has replaced nearly nine million defective, shrapnel-shooting Takata airbags. Now the company is undertaking a “needle-in-a-haystack” search for 2,500 Accord vehicles that weren’t included in any of those recalls. The automaker says these cars have replacement airbags that were installed before anyone knew of the defect. [More]

Additional Hoverboards Recalled Over Fire, Explosion Risk

Additional Hoverboards Recalled Over Fire, Explosion Risk

Last year, federal safety regulators recalled 501,000 ”hoverboards” from eight manufacturers amid concerns that the not-actually-hovering devices’ lithium-ion battery packs posed a fire hazard, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has added another manufacturer and 500 scooters to the recall list.  [More]

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BMW Recalls 121K SUVs Over Defect That Could Render Vehicle Useless

Just like a pathogen can infect a tiny cut in your skin and end up wreaking real havoc on your body, if a bit of water starts getting into the wrong place on your car it could set off a chain of events that leaves you with a car that won’t move. [More]


Grocery Industry To Let “Sell-By” Labels Expire

Late last year, we observed that while reforming food labels would be a great idea to cut down on food waste, the grocery industry needs no law or prompting from the government to actually make that happen. However, it could create its own standards without the government helping at all. [More]

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AT&T, Verizon Must Pay To Investigate Landline Service Quality Problems In California

The California Public Utilities Commission plans to get to the bottom of why Verizon and AT&T phone service isn’t consistent in the state by making it clear that the state hasn’t forgotten a years-old order requiring that both providers conduct and finance investigations into their infrastructures.  [More]

It Would Be Nice If My Lane Bryant Jeans Lasted Longer Than 2 Months

It Would Be Nice If My Lane Bryant Jeans Lasted Longer Than 2 Months

Andrea is very fond of Right Fit jeans from Lane Bryant. She likes them so much that she wears them until they literally wear out,then goes and buys another pair. Only that’s a more expensive plan than it was a few years ago, because Andrea has noticed the quality of the pants that she buys deteriorating over time. She reached a breaking point recently when her jeans, too, reached a breaking point–wearing out this week after being purchased in July. $50 is a lot to pay for pants that only last two months.


AppleCare Is An Extended Warranty Worth Buying

AppleCare Is An Extended Warranty Worth Buying

I asked Apple this morning to replace my broken laptop now that they’ve reintroduced the anti-glare option on their 15″ MacBook Pros. Apple agreed, and soon a new laptop will leave China destined for my apartment. This isn’t the first laptop Apple sent me this month. It’s the second. Here’s why…

The "New" CircuitCity.com Ships Shoddily-Wrapped TV Mount Missing Half Its Parts

The "New" CircuitCity.com Ships Shoddily-Wrapped TV Mount Missing Half Its Parts

The new CircuitCity.com is already disappointing customers, this time by shipping a half-complete TV mount that looks like it was wrapped by an over-caffeinated octopus. Unsurprisingly, our anonymous tipster had to slog his way through two customer service departments before extracting a promise to ship out the missing parts. Why can’t CircuitCity.com just ship him a new mount? Apparently, they have to first botch the parts shipment. Our tipster decided this wasn’t worth his time, and instead ordered a second mount. Circuit City promises to refund his money once they receive back the defective mount…

Hey, First Generation iPod Nano Owners, Come And Get Your $25

Hey, First Generation iPod Nano Owners, Come And Get Your $25

Apple has agreed to pay $22.5 million to settle a class action suit brought by owners of the notoriously scratchy first-generation iPod Nanos. Under the agreement, owners of the scratch magnets will be entitled to either a $25 or $15 cash refund, depending on whether or not their Nano included a carrying case.

What Hell Must You Go Through To Return A Defective Running Shoe?

What Hell Must You Go Through To Return A Defective Running Shoe?

Neal Templin at the Wall Street Journal had a defective running shoe. Within 4 months of buying the shoes, an eyelet failed, so he took the defective shoes back to the store. This is where his tragic tale of rejection begins.