The first 10 books chosen through Amazon's Kindle Scout platform will released next week.

Amazon’s In-House Kindle Scout Publishing Platform Set To Release First 10 Books Next Month

Four months after Amazon launched a crowdsourced publishing platform that allows Kindle readers to kind-of, sort-of have a say in what unpublished books and hopeful authors reach their devices, the company is set to release the first 10 Kindle Scout titles next month. [More]

(Danny Ngan)

Amazon Exec Hopes Agreement With Hachette Ushers In An Era Of Peace With Book Publishers

It wasn’t so long ago that all of the world was transfixed by the drama unfolding between Amazon and book publisher Hachette. Now that the petty fighting and shady scare tactics are in the rearview mirror, executives with Amazon have their fingers crossed for an era of peace. [More]