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(Photo: Consumerist)

3 Million Comments And Counting: The Final Public Comment Period On Net Neutrality Ends Tonight

The chance for the public — individuals, consumer advocates, and businesses alike — to have their say on the FCC’s proposed net neutrality rule is finally coming to an end. In the four months of the various comment periods being open, the FCC has received over 3 million comments so far, with more pouring in by the minute. But the finish line is near: the deadline on the reply period ends, for real, at midnight tonight. [More]

(Photo: Consumerist)

Today’s Your Last Chance: FCC Public Comment Period For Net Neutrality Ends Tomorrow

The FCC’s public comment period on their proposed net neutrality rule — the one with the fast lanes, that everyone, even Congress, thinks is a terrible idea — is running out. The deadline is tomorrow, July 15. For anyone who hasn’t yet left a comment but keeps thinking it, now’s the time. [More]


Everything You Need To Know Before E-mailing The FCC About Net Neutrality

A lot of people have had a lot to say about the FCC’s proposed “fix” to the recently-vacated Open Internet Rule, better known as net neutrality. The official proposed rule will become available to the public on May 15, but the FCC has already established a way to accept public comments by e-mail. But the process is fraught with questions: is it worth your time? Will they publish your personal information? Does the FCC even take any e-mailed comments into consideration when they’re making their new rules? [More]