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Man Buys Promoted Tweet To Vent Frustration At British Airways Over Lost Luggage

Sometimes escalating a customer service issue to a manager, or sending an Executive Email Carpet Bomb just doesn’t get the message across. Times used to be, people with a bit of money to spend could take out an ad in the newspaper to vent their frustrations with a foe — but nowadays, there’s social media. That’s the route one man angry at British Airways took, by buying a promoted tweet to complain about a recent customer service fail. [More]


Twitter Users Rebelling Against Promoted Tweets Using Age-Old Tool Of Mockery

Now that companies and brands have caught on to the fact that there are a bunch of people on Twitter that they can market to, users are increasingly being targeted by promoted tweets from those businesses. Maybe you don’t mind a few ads touting the benefits of such-and-such product or service, but an entire subculture on Twitter has had it up to here. Those users are turning against companies by turning their very own tweets against them. [More]