How Can A Town Of A Dozen People Boast Sales Of 4.6 Million Cans Of Beer In A Year?

The answer the question posed in the above headline is not a curse of unquenchable thirst, nor a town-wide penchant for beer baths. Instead, it’s what some critics call America’s largest booze racket that exists between a town in Nebraska and its neighbors at a Native American reservation across the border in South Dakota. [More]

Alcohol Sales Plummet

Alcohol Sales Plummet

What’s up, beer drinkers of America? Bloomberg notes that “take-out sales of alcoholic beverages tumbled 9.3 percent in the fourth quarter, the steepest drop since the U.S. Commerce Department started compiling data half a century ago,” and a drop four times greater than the overall fall in consumer spending. Most of that was due to the 14 percent drop in beer sales.