Restaurants Adding Surcharge To Customers’ Bills Amid Rising Labor Costs

Restaurants are taking a cue from the cable industry: Rather than raise menu prices to cover the higher cost of paying wages, some eateries are tacking on “labor surcharges.” [More]


Get Ready For Cashew Prices To Go Up Amid Spike In Popularity

The good news, for cashews, is that they’ve recently become a lot more popular than other tree nuts like pistachios and walnuts (sorry, pistachios and walnuts). But the bad news, for consumers, is that that spike in popularity is putting a strain on the global cashew supply, which could cause an uptick in prices for consumers. [More]


Watch Out For Cheap Wild Blueberries After Unexpected Bumper Crop In Maine

Despite an ongoing drought in New England, Maine’s wild blueberry growers have found themselves with a bumper crop of berries on their hands this year. That could translate to cheaper prices for consumers cruising the grocery store for fresh produce. [More]


Survey Says: Most Netflix Customers Would Be Willing To Pay More For The Service

Despite any grumbling customers might have done amid Netflix’s recent price hike, a new survey shows that the company could probably raise rates again and most customers would be fine with paying more. [More]


Video Claims To Show Price Discrepancies Of Up To 78% At L.A. Zara Store

Last week, a Zara customer filed a lawsuit against the company accusing it of misleading customers by posting some prices in euros and others in U.S. dollars, and of making up its own exchange rates to charge more for those items with price tags in dollars. The plaintiff’s lawyers now say they have even more proof of this pricing switcheroo. [More]

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Lawsuit: Zara Misleads Customers By Listing Prices In Euros, Making Its Own Exchange Rate

While it’s not entirely unheard of to see prices listed in euros stateside, a new federal class action lawsuit claims that retailer Zara’s practice of doing so — and allegedly making up its own exchange rate — has tricked shoppers into paying more than they should.



Senators Demand Mylan Lower Cost Of Life-Saving Epipens, Call For Congressional Hearing

The cost of a life-saving EpiPen from drug maker Mylan increased as much as 600% in just nine years. That’s simply too much, lawmakers say, with some legislators now calling on the pharmaceutical giant to drop its price immediately, while others are pushing for a congressional hearing on the matter.  [More]

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Starbucks Annual Price Increase Showed Up Early Thanks To Glitch

For the third year in a row Starbucks will dig its hands a little deeper into customers’ wallets, once again raising the prices for many drinks on its menu. [More]


Uber Nudging Users Toward Carpooling With Test Of “Upfront Pricing” Feature

In some cities, Uber customers can choose to get a ride with UberPool, which allows users to share a car with strangers who are traveling along (or close to) their route. It looks like the ride-hailing company is trying to nudge folks toward selecting that option, with a new test of an “upfront pricing” feature that displays prices for both UberPool and the more expensive option, UberX. [More]

Why Is Aldi Covering Actual Prices With Confusing “Lower Price” Stickers?

Why Is Aldi Covering Actual Prices With Confusing “Lower Price” Stickers?

When you’re in the supermarket and see a big, loud “Lower Price” sticker covering up an everyday price and showing a discount of anywhere from $.20 to $5, you’d expect that the price being covered up would be the original, higher amount. That’s why some Aldi shoppers are confused about why the discounted price on the sticker is the same as the price it’s covering up. [More]

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Super Bowl Tickets Going For Record Prices In The Resale Market

If you’re planning on heading to California on Feb. 7 to catch the Super Bowl showdown between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, be ready to have your bank account sacked. Tickets for the big game are currently selling for record-high prices.

Everlane Presents Customers With Moral Dilemma By Letting Them Choose The Price On Certain Items

Everlane Presents Customers With Moral Dilemma By Letting Them Choose The Price On Certain Items

While we’re used to naming our own price for, say, a flight or a hotel using aservice like Priceline or Hotwire, it’s not every day that a clothing retailer gives customers the chance to choose what they’ll pay for apparel. Online-only retailer Everlane is giving shoppers the opportunity to pick from a few price tags for certain items in order to move overstock, but there is one small catch. [More]


Analysts Say McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Could Drive Up Egg Prices, Exacerbate Shortage

Before McDonald’s big announcement on Tuesday that it would roll out all-day breakfast across the country starting next month, we wondered if the fast food giant would scrap its plans because of egg shortages caused by the recent avian flu outbreak and the high egg prices that have resulted from it. While we now know that the Golden Arches wasn’t put off by the possibility of dishing out more cash for eggs, its new venture could further aggravate the egg-supply issues plaguing other businesses. [More]

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Analyst: Best Buy’s Prices Now Much Closer To Amazon’s

When looking for the best deal on electronics consumers used to flock to a little chain called Best Buy, but over time Amazon – with the growing convenience of shopping from home, speedy deliveries and discounts – has crowded into the electronic store’s customer pool. Now, after years of playing catchup, it appears that Best Buy has closed the pricing gap with its online rival. [More]

Starbucks Increases Prices $0.05 To $0.20 For Many Drinks… Again

Starbucks Increases Prices $0.05 To $0.20 For Many Drinks… Again

Does your wallet feel a bit lighter after paying for your morning cup of Starbucks coffee? It just might (unless, of course, you used the company’s order-ahead mobile app or any other form of payment besides cash), and that’s because the coffee chain has once again raised its prices for many drinks. [More]

Dept. Of Justice Investigating Alleged Collusion By Airlines To Keep Ticket Prices High

Dept. Of Justice Investigating Alleged Collusion By Airlines To Keep Ticket Prices High

Just weeks after a legislator voiced concern that a shrinking airline industry has perpetuated potential anti-competitive behavior aimed at keeping the price of airfare high, the Department of Justice revealed it is looking into the possibility of collusion between airlines.


Customer Sues Whole Foods Over Alleged Overcharging In NYC

New York City officials accused Whole Foods of overcharging customers in the “the worst case of mislabeling” investigators have seen, a man filed a lawsuit against the upscale food purveyor. He’s seeking damages because he claims he bought several mispriced packages at the stores over the last three years.


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Target Agrees To Pay $3.9M To Settle False-Advertising Lawsuit

It seems some of that infamously fuzzy Target math finally caught up with the retailer, as the company has agreed to pay $3.9 million to settle a false-advertising lawsuit brought by prosecutors in California.