Underworldly Camera Shop PriceRitePhoto is Back

Underworldly Camera Shop PriceRitePhoto is Back

In the immortal words of LL Cool J, “Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.” Yes, our friends, PriceRite Photo, has returned to online commerce!

The Times on Price Rite Photo

At the nadir of every story comes the inevitable New York Times retrospective, and The Thomas Hawk Affair is no exception. It’s good to hear this about camera scam artists Price Rite Photo:

The last best address leads to a metallic gray warehouse by the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Trash haulers go about and there is a dull buzzing sound in the hallway. Graffiti gives information that white people are devils. [Duh! -Ed.]

Tip o’ the Beard and Hat to B&H Camera

The actual, successful purchase of a camera seems sort of a sad end to The Thomas Hawk Affair, but we suppose we can be happy that he got his camera in the end. Our publisher Nick Denton seems especially happy about it, since he keeps sending us links to stories about people buying cameras from B&H. We guess that means he’d like us to post up this one, as well, by Mr. Joe Wilcox of 101 Typepad Lane.

PriceRitePhoto: Now ‘Barclay’s Photo’; Don Wiss Threatened

Thomas Hawk continues his investigation into PriceRitePhoto, telling us the scam photo seller has changed its name to ‘Barclay’s Photo.’

Thus far the names that seem to be tying together include PriceRitePhoto, Barclay’s Photo, Film4Less, Edigix, CP Industries, The Camera Zone, TheCameraMall, Film Shop, Film Shop Clipper USA.

Even worse, it would appear that Don Wiss, the guy who biked around Brooklyn taking pictures of the spaces the camera shops weren’t, has received a death threat—just like the call Lee Holmes got just a couple of months ago.

PriceRitePhoto: Want to Cancel Your Order? We’ll Sue

PriceRitePhoto: Want to Cancel Your Order? We’ll Sue

Tech blogger Thomas Hawk has fallen prey to yet another crooked New York camera shop. This particular retarded retailer is called ‘’—although we’re sure that they’ll be changing their name soon enough, after all the bad chatter flung their way.