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Walgreens Thinks $1.99 Mouthwash Is Worth $2.99

Walgreens Thinks $1.99 Mouthwash Is Worth $2.99

Reader Joy spotted an odd price discrepancy between the MSRP on the label of this bottle of mouthwash at Walgreens and the price on the shelf. So she whipped out her iPhone and sent in a picture of it to us using our new Consumerist Tipster App. She chose “2” as her “Anger Level,” indicating “a failure to communicate.” The real question is whether the rinse rings up as $1.99 or $2.99 at the register. Either way, annoying.


What Do Deal Site Acronyms Like "YMMV" And "AC" Mean?

What Do Deal Site Acronyms Like "YMMV" And "AC" Mean?

If you’re new to hunting for deals online, you’ll start seeing all these funky acronyms used as shorthand. Here’s some of the most common ones and what they mean: