Did CNET's Gamespot Fire Reviewer For Angering Advertisers?

Did CNET's Gamespot Fire Reviewer For Angering Advertisers?

So much for even the illusion of editorial independence in video game reviews. One of Gamespot’s editors and top reviewers was apparently fired this week after writing an unenthusiastic review for the game “Kane & Lynch,” which was being advertised heavily all over the Gamespot site, according to…

FCC Chairman To Relax Media Ownership Rules

FCC Chairman To Relax Media Ownership Rules

Media conglomerates are preparing to feast on a banquet of local media outlets thanks to a resurrected proposal from FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. The Chairman wants to relax decades-old rules that bar media companies from owning both a newspaper and TV or radio station in the same local market. A similar proposal was presciently struck down three years ago by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Currently, a company can own two television stations in the larger markets only if at least one is not among the four largest stations and if there are at least eight local stations. The rules also limit the number of radio stations that a company can own to no more than eight in each of the largest markets.

Gas Price Election Conspiracy Press Coverage is Adorable

We think it’s cute the way that reporters try to compensate for the partisan nature of reporting on “election conspiracies” and go out of their way to find the most plain-spoken down-homey stereotypically right-leaning type dude they can.