Burger King Employees Break Restaurant’s Windows In Response To Prank Phone Call

Burger King Employees Break Restaurant’s Windows In Response To Prank Phone Call

Burger King customers in the San Luis Obispo, CA area were likely concerned when they showed up yesterday to find about a dozen of a restaurant’s window’s smashed out overnight. But this wasn’t an act of random vandalism, it was done on purpose by Burger King employees after they received a warning phone call that turned out to be a prank. [More]

Facebook's official statement on the rumor of a $5.99/month privacy tier.

No, Facebook Will Not Be Charging You To Keep Your Profiles Private

If you’ve visited Facebook at all in the last few hours, you’ve most likely seen any number of your online acquaintances posting the terrifying news that Facebook will soon be charging users $5.99/month too keep their profiles private. It might sound believable for those who aren’t familiar with how Facebook actually makes its money, but the fact is that the company says it has no plans to start charging anyone. Even more pointless are the supposed “copyright” notices people are posting in the hopes that it will protect them. [More]

Fake Comcast Rep Convinces Customer To Delete Anti-Comcast Tweets

Fake Comcast Rep Convinces Customer To Delete Anti-Comcast Tweets

Complaining to a company on Twitter can often be a pointless endeavor, like trying to have a phone conversation in the front row of a Motörhead concert, but something inside us hopes that our gripe will be heard, which is why pranksters have repeatedly been able to trick Comcast customers into believing the company is proactively calling them in response to their Tweets. The latest story involves a customer who was actually convinced to delete his anti-Comcast comments by someone pretending to be from the company. [More]


Park Ranger Drives 12 Hours To Remove Fake McDonald’s “Opening Soon” Sign From Middle Of Australian Desert

Like some kind of fast food mirage rising from the middle of an Australian desert, a McDonald’s sign sat towering over the emptiness, beckoning travelers with the promise implied in its golden arches. Upon closer inspection, the sign noted that a restaurant would be “opening soon.” But almost a month after pranksters installed the sign 124 miles from the edge of the desert, the South Australian government says it sent a park ranger on a 12-hour trip to take it down.


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Two Arrested After Video Surfaces Of Guy Streaking Through Walmart, Dousing Himself In Milk

A man seen on video running almost naked through a Kentucky Walmart wearing only his socks, shoes and a Halloween mask has been arrested, along with the suspected cameraman, after the footage hit the Internet last week. The man also treated shoppers to the sight of him pouring milk on his naked body and yelling that he was on fire.


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Prank Or Honest Mistake? Jimmy John’s Renames Customer “Blumpkin”

Anyone who has ever seen their name go from “Mark” to “Mork” on the side of a Starbucks cup, or “Morran” to “Moron” on restaurant reservations knows that names sometimes get lost in translation when scrawled by a foodservice worker in a hurry. So how can you tell when it’s an honest mistake or you’re the victim of a rude prank? [More]

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Prank Callers Trolling Comcast Twitter Feed For Victims

Comcast’s public image has sunk so low that customers now assume that a customer service rep who threatens you with violence or calls you a “b*tch” is actually someone working for the nation’s largest cable provider and not a prank caller. [More]

Really for sale, but not really a coffee maker for the shower.

If Only The Shower Coffee Maker + Soap Dispenser Was A Real Thing

With the dawn comes an age old dilemma — do you make coffee first thing in the morning or take a shower to greet the day? If only those two things could happen at the same time! Maybe they can, but it won’t come in the form of the Bathe & Brew Coffee Maker + Soap Dispenser.


Crayola Apologizes After Hackers Post NSFW Pics To Kid-Friendly Facebook Page

Crayola Apologizes After Hackers Post NSFW Pics To Kid-Friendly Facebook Page

Visitors to the Crayola Facebook page were seeing Brick Red, or perhaps blushing in shades of Carnation Pink on Sunday when they realized that some nogoodniks had taken over the account and decided to have a laugh by juvenile but not kid-friendly updates for the crown company’s 2.45 million fans to see. [More]

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Just Because It’s Legal To Mail Live Birds Doesn’t Mean You Should Send 15 Baby Chicks To Your Ex

It might sound crazy to some that it’s actually legal to send live birds through the mail (with some strict conditions), but what sounds even nuttier is that a guy reportedly mailed his ex-girlfriend 15 baby chicks in some kind of prank/misguided statement about their break-up.


C'mon kiddies, get your 5,000% APR payday loans!

UK Artist Creates Payday Loan Store For Kids

At first glance, the bright blue London storefront with a hand-painted technicolor scene of a cartoon cityscape in the window — complete with a smiling yellow mascot — looks like some sort of kid’s toy store or maybe a daycare center. That is, until you see the sign that reads, “Payday Loans 4 Kids.” [More]


Shocker: Those Fake-Looking Fried Chicken Oreos Are Indeed Fake

Given the sheer number of Oreo varieties that have been dumped on store shelves in the past year — from sherbet to peanut butter cup to fruit punch to lemon and limeade — it’s almost not beyond belief that Nabisco would give fried chicken Oreos a go. Almost, but not quite. [More]

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Guy Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Beer Says He’s “Wrongfully Accused” Of Ordering 5 Pizzas From Jail

A man accused of boosting beer and being drunk in public somehow found himself in more trouble after he was booked at the police station, with officers claiming he used his cell phone to order a pizza delivery under the name of his arresting officer. [More]

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Police: Man Called In Bomb Threat To Southwest Airlines To Ruin Ex’s Vacation

There are plenty of immature ways that you could — but most definitely shouldn’t — get revenge on an ex. While most of them are, at worst, misdemeanors, a Seattle man is facing a much bigger penalty for allegedly calling in a bogus bomb threat to Southwest Airlines just to get back at an ex-girlfriend. [More]

Mayor Of California Town Caught Tossing Poop Onto Neighbor’s Yard

Mayor Of California Town Caught Tossing Poop Onto Neighbor’s Yard

Tossing a bag of dog feces on someone’s property is the kind of thing you’d expect from an adolescent, or maybe some intoxicated adults acting like adolescents. It’s not the kind of behavior you’d ascribe to the mayor of an upscale town in Southern California. [More]

“Watch Dogs” Video Game PR Stunt Leads To Newsroom Evacuation

“Watch Dogs” Video Game PR Stunt Leads To Newsroom Evacuation

Back in the day when I worked at places where writers were allowed to receive free promotional crap (mostly DVDs and vodka… so much bad vodka) from PR companies, I got all manner of bizarre stuff, the strangest probably being a box that allegedly contained a few of Troy Polamalu’s signature curly locks. But if I received a tiny unmarked safe with a note to “check your voicemail,” and which beeped when I tried to open it, I might have gotten freaked out enough to call the police. [More]

Anti-SeaWorld Pranksters Tweak Interstate Sign To Express Their Dislike Of Park

Anti-SeaWorld Pranksters Tweak Interstate Sign To Express Their Dislike Of Park

SeaWorld may have fallen just short of making it to this year’s Worst Company In America Final Death Match, but that defeat hasn’t stopped people who oppose the not-quite-a-zoo-not-quite-a-theme-park from letting the world know they think that SeaWorld, well… sucks. [More]

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Domino’s Driver Sent To Deliver 20 Unwanted Pizzas To Man’s Ex Isn’t Amused By The Prank

On the one hand, there’s the flabbergasted look on someone’s face when 20 pizzas she didn’t order arrive at her door. On the other, she’s not going to eat all those and she certainly isn’t going to pay for it, and now the Domino’s delivery driver made a trip with all those darn pizzas for nothing and seriously, guy who pranked his ex-girlfriend? You just caused a pricy headache. [More]