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Watch: Pressure Washers Are Super Useful, Can Be Super Dangerous

Pressure washers make various outdoor cleaning tasks much easier, but they can also be pretty dangerous when pointed in the wrong direction. That’s why our ever-efficient colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports no longer recommend any pressure washers that come with zero degree nozzles, or adjustable wand tips that can be dialed down to zero. That setting poses a special risk of injury to people, and to carrots. Carrots? [More]


Watch A Guy Clean And Peel A Bunch Of Potatoes With A Power Tool And A Bucket Of Water

Are there a million and one ways out there to do every household task anyone’s ever had to do? Yes. Are they all methods we would personally advise using? Maybe not so much. But that’s a decision you need to make for yourself when presented with the evidence of say, cleaning and peeling a bunch of potatoes using a jerry-rigged power tool, a bucket and some water. [More]

Knot Up Power Tool Cords To Prevent Disconnection

Knot Up Power Tool Cords To Prevent Disconnection

When you’re using electric power tools, it’s easy to get carried away and yank the plug out of the extension cord socket, possibly leaving your powerless saw or drill lodged inside whatever you’re working on. You can avoid the pitfall by tying the cords in a knot. [More]

Why Don't People Share Lawnmowers?

Why Don't People Share Lawnmowers?

Let us disrupt the otherwise normal bucolic sight of everyone in the neighborhood out on a warm afternoon, mowing away at their green lawns. Why does each house need to own their own lawnmower? At around $300 a pop for a new one, they’re not cheap, and households could cut costs drastically if they shared them, but negotiating that can lead to arguments over how much each borrower should chip in, if any, and when. So the Eschaton blog muses on this and wonders, why couldn’t there be a Zipcar for tools? Well there is! They’re called tool rental libraries. [More]


When a power line falls in your neighborhood, be patient. Wait for the proper authorities to take care of it. Above all, don’t try to clear it out of the way using an industrial saw. A man in Pond Eddy, NY did that against the advice of firefighters, and was electrocuted. [Newsday] (Thanks, AJ!)

Home Depot Lets You Keep $199 Power Tool That Rang Up For $0.01

Home Depot Lets You Keep $199 Power Tool That Rang Up For $0.01

Johnny was pleasantly surprised when the $199 power tool he grabbed off the clearance rack rang up at the self-checkout for just $0.01. Home Depot, of course, stopped him before he could leave and asked for the item back, but Johnny wasn’t fast to part with his new toy.

I told the manager well that’s to bad because I ALREADY PAID FOR IT!!! and if you don’t return MY PRODUCT!!! that I PAID FOR!!! that I would call the cops because you are now stealing from me. I will call Weights and Measures. OH YEAH and my attorney.

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