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West Coast Ports Contract Dispute Hurts Self-Employed Truckers

While shipping companies and dockworkers continue their dispute over contracts on the Pacific coast, the slowdown of cargo from these ports is starting to affect factories, retailers, and farmers. (Not to mention the French fry situation in Japan.) Yet one unaffiliated group that’s losing out are the truck drivers who would normally bring much of the cargo now waiting just off the shore to its final destination. [More]

Corey Templeton

West Coast Ports Will Take A Split 4-Day Weekend Off

It’s hard to understand the contract dispute over workers at the ports on the west coast of the United States, because the two different sides can’t even agree on what they’re arguing about. Either longshoremen are deliberately slowing down their work to protest while still getting paid, or shipping changes have caused a backlog for diligent workers. Either way, there are a lot of containers of just about everything, waiting on ships. [More]